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The end is nigh! Plans to cut Credit Card payment to reduce Gambling

Tom Lasten 1 February 2018 - 04:02:42
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Take a governmental office like the F.O.B.T, add to this a mix of fun and entertainment ala casinos, then add a small dash of banking legislation, stir for a short period and let it sit. After 5 minutes the mixture will form a giant pain in the ass! We could cull this breaking news into a few simple words, mostly explicit content but we shall remain professional, so ignore those baking instructions.

No Jackpots – No Fun – No Government Logic

"Reviews are underway as we speak to pull the pants down of every casino online that uses all major credit cards [...]"

So the F.O.B.T is indeed a hard-working bunch, the abbreviations stand for Fixed Odds Betting Terminal, though we did have a few of our own suggestions that we will side-track on this occasion. A busy wing of the government, as you can imagine, has just revealed the rewards of their hard work by suggesting that depositing into casinos via credit cards should be scrapped! (slow applause for the genius that is this governmental wing). As much as we find mass hysteria, the deformation of social law and encouraged riots to be absolutely hilarious, now is possibly the time to wait till the law is passed.

Reviews are underway as we speak to pull the pants down of every casino online that uses all major credit cards which include MasterCard and Visa. The GambleAware charity has suggested the use of credit cards allows people to spend more than they can really afford and as it stands the whole review is being mulled over by the D.C.M.S which abbreviations stand for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (another department of the government wing).

Credit Card Deposits at Casinos Online
The end of Credit Cards as we know it?

Matthew Hancock, who is the British Culture Secretary, has been informed of the proposed action via a letter sent by GambleAware of this plan, so he can no doubt rub the letter all over himself as a form of power fetish.

Knock on effects thus far of this news have seen the share prices fall all around the industry, hitting the UK’s major bookmakers Ladbrokes and William Hill who's shares have dropped as much as 12 percent.

Should the plan to eradicate credit cards succeed then there could be a job loss for over 21,000 people working for operators across the board. This is only the starter because there is also plans to reduce the maximum cost of a single stake which would drop from £100 to £2! The knock on effect results in a £8.5 BILLION loss over the decade to follow, meaning you can play fantastic jackpot games with a whopping pool prize of £10,000 instead of £1million because that’s far too much tax avoidance.

Stick it to the Man

Before we stoke the fires and march with pitchforks and flaming torches, there is a way around all of this which comes with such glaring obviousness that it hasn’t even been mentioned within the proposed plans.

Our savours to this debacle are ewallets and bitcoins, alternative methods that would side-track any direct payment into a casino from all major credit cards. Obviously, with Bitcoins, there is no ruling body over how the transactions are controlled. We can rub our hands gleefully together and laugh evilly at their stupidity.

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