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Pragmatic Play invite you to scratch n' sniff €1.Million Instant Prize

Tom Lasten 8 February 2018 - 03:52:20
Pragmatic Play Wolf Gold™ 1 Million Scratchcard

Looking to become a filthy stinking rich son of a gun? No more work, 24/7 pool parties, walking down the street in your pyjamas and slippers, having scores of people envy your debauched habits? The rock and roll lifestyle is still very much within grasp and is now more accessible thanks to the game-changing tactics of Pragmatic Play.

Scratch all your worries away

"Seven scratchcards ranging from €5,000 to €1,000,000! Who needs Progressive Jackpots when Instant Wins are the new provider?"

No longer are progressive jackpot games such as Divine Fortune™ and Mega Moolah™ the fat cash cows we all que up at to strike rich at. The jackpots of €1 million are coming back to old-school methods of gambling. All praise the return of instant win scratchcards, all praise the work of Pragmatic Play.

Having scooped up 3 Awards last year for Excellence, Business 2 Business and Software Rising Star 2017, Pragmatic have reason to celebrate their accomplishments and what better way than to bring hordes of greedy gamblers a chance to change their lives dramatically.

In the past Pragmatic Play have produced games that were very good but never truly sparked the headlines. These games such as Wolf Gold™, Gold Rush™, Hot Safari™ and Queen of Gold™ are now about to become big news. The new scratchcard revival will be based on these titles, with a total of seven cards to be made.

Each card will contain vivid 3D animation and the original slot characters, as well as the paytable for the prizes that will feature. Each card will be aimed at a specific type of player, those not looking to win too much can play 7 Piggies™ that comes with its €5,000 jackpot prize. For those wishing to retire early and overindulge in life’s pleasures can opt for the higher stake card of Wolf Gold™ this is the €1,000,000 card!

€1 Million instant win

Pragmatic scratchcards, 7 Piggies™, Gold Rush™, Queen of Gold™ and Hot Safari™

Well, not only is this good news for our empty bank accounts but this sure does give the industry a huge boost and kick up the backside. We understand that there is a huge passion for slot gaming but there has been no change for the past few years on how to win a fortune of this size, not since the introduction of the progressive jackpot slots. Pragmatic know this is a huge step, seemingly an obvious one on the surface of it. Pragmatic Play have now cemented themselves in the development circuit, now with a reputation of providing quality games, the natural thing would be to challenge others in different areas of entertainment.

No release date has been issued for the scratchcards, it’s not yet known if they will all be released at once or each one filtered out over a period of time. What we do know is where you can play these scratchcards when they are released.

To have a chance of winning €1,000,000 instantly, head over to Video Slots and pick yourself up 11 complimentary spins along with a bonus of up to €200 (with an extra €10 thrown in for good measure.) Enjoy and Good Luck!
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