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Baker’s Treat™: The Great Casino Bake Off is Now Out of the Oven

Tom Lasten 26 April 2018 - 05:40:30
Baker’s Treat™ play'n go online casinos

Well, here’s a right treat for you all, Play‘n Go just released their latest online slot called; Baker’s Treat™. Something for the sweet-tooth of our players as this game heads out of the oven and is distributed to all the top casinos serving UK players. Let’s take a slice of this game and see how the ingredients have formulated into a tasty little game. Nom, Nom,!

Bonuses to Make Your Mouth Water

" The £375,000 jackpot from Baker’s Treat™ makes it one of the largest jackpots from an online slot [...] "

Baker’s Treat™ is a brightly assembled feature where the symbols are neatly placed upon the country-style tablecloth. This is very British and unashamedly so. Upon tapping the spin button the various puddings and cakes shift to be replaced by other delights of culinary wonder.

Okay, so it’s a bit ‘light’ and ‘fluffy’ but the game has some hidden gems to gorge on. The slot is a 3x5 grid above which is the BAKE OFF! Counter. Should all counters fill up then the bonus Bake Off round is triggered. Should this be activated during the additional Flour Power Spin then you are rewarded 80x your bet. Should you land stacked cakes on the relevant reel when triggering the game then get an extra spin. During the Bake Off bonus round you can get 5000x your wager.

Think you can stomach more? Good, because there is also the Flour Power Spin’s themselves with Cupcake Power, Carrot Cake Power, Blueberry Pie Power, Strawberry Sponge Power and lastly Lemon Cheesecake Power. These all provide 3 extra spins.

Back to the base game, the highest payout off of one spin equals £3000.00 and all wins pays BOTH ways! There is a 15 fixed payline setting that will add to your win count.

Baker’s Treat™ is a cute game that is clearly jumping on the TV sensation that sweeps the UK every summer but fair play, Play’n Go have made a simple game very entertaining and it clearly offers a stupid amount of cash in wins.

375,000 Jackpot to Take a Bite Of

Baker’s Treat™ online slot reels play'n go

Usually a Play’n Go game takes you somewhere different, it offers something that challenges the mainstream of the industry but with this one, you get to win enough dough to retire early.

The £375,000 jackpot from Baker’s Treat™ makes it one of the largest jackpots from an online slot, that even surpasses some of the bigger progressive games that are out there. For this we can only salute the fine game makers for bring this opportunity to the table and filling our fat faces and greedy pockets.

This is not a dessert to pass on and you can get all the action over at Casumo Casino.

A Sample Taste of Baker’s Treat™

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