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Max Bets from £100 down to £2 and it’s P****** a lot of People Off

Karen Newport 24 May 2018 - 05:18:17
fixed-odds terminals to end

So we normally wouldn’t stray into the area of land-based casinos or bookies because like a sore relationship we move on and that fact it’s not the 90s anymore so why would we even bother. But there have been rumblings in the field of law making which is having a knock-on effect to the online service, a good one be it but it’s going to suck if you’re not signed up to an online provider

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"[..]the bookies are closed, the pubs have given up on the bandits and you’re now left with nothing but a beer in your hand and your mobile. PERFECT!"

When it comes to lawmakers trying to serve the interest of the public they are as subtle as Prince Harry on a Stag-do. As you may have read in our story on the use of credit cards, these morons will try to take any opportunity to take any choice you have away. So the trail of destruction of the gambling market in the UK continues as they have now agreed to cut down the maximum stake for fixed-odds terminals in land-based casinos and bookies from £100 down to £2.

Now, the logic behind this is to either curb gambling problems or put 4,000 shops out of business and leaving 21,000 without a job. Well, when ministers are involved you know that logic flies directly out of the window.

Now, we here agree, that anything on the high street that doesn’t supply fast food and expensive coffee is doomed to join the other branches in liquidation heaven and if this was the case then let the stores ride it out into their own timely demise, one last dance, rather than pulling the plug and shrugging.

The stat card gets played, of course, nothing more like percentages to ram home the decision but across the whole board of articles, not one will highlight what combine payouts casinos made in the average year.

So why do we care? Hmmm, well, we don’t really, they could ban it all on the high street as far as we are concerned. Cuts a path of revenue which does filter to the government one way or another. The knock-on effect pleasing to see though as more people are joining the online surge with two raised fingers pointing directly at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as they are left pissing in the wind.

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So you have nowhere to go, the bookies are closed, the pubs have given up on the bandits and you’re now left with nothing but a beer in your hand and your mobile. PERFECT! Reality is that online gambling is the only opportunity left and it should be celebrated as the games are far better, have bigger rewards, provide wider entertainment and most of them cannot be touched by UK law (insert evil laugh here).

It’s no disguise that the world of online casinos has blown up massively over the past few years and there’s no hiding the fact this is now going to be the only way to enjoy the thrill of slapping on some money and seeing it if comes back a 100-fold.

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