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Goal Smash Roulette by NetEnt is Sending the World Cup into a Spin

Karen Newport 15 June 2018 - 07:02:17
Goal Smash Roulette by Netent

For lovers of casino and sports betting, the two forces collide in this most-perfect of games for this World Cup 2018. If you’re totally crap at placing traditional bets down and seem to never land a suitable return, even when backing the favourites, then this may be the game for you this summer, at least up till July 15th.

Smash ‘n’ Grab

"Score yourself a winner by taking part in Goal Smash Roulette over at Leo Vegas [...]"

There is no escaping it and for football lovers everywhere, it’s that much welcomed of fillers whilst the standard season is in hibernation. When the event of the World Cup comes knocking then you either play or miss out. NetEnt knows this and is the only developer out there willing to provide for the football fans in a new and very exciting way.

This is a casino first, LIVE sporting updates for all matches so you miss nothing at all. You have the game stats notifying you of the key plays in the game, score, shots, corners, possession percentages and fouls with card count. The host or hostess will commentate on the game live also.

The concept is fairly simple overall. The live roulette and sporting feature combine to make Goal Smash. With this new creation, you have a daily bonus prize and draw, all from a tasty pot of £75,000. The Kick-off coincides with the whole of the World Cup, June 12th to July 15th. So how does this all work? What will you win, and where can you get all this action from?

£5k, £10k, £15k, £20k… £25k Prizes

Goal Smash Roulette by Netent

The only dribbling you’ll be doing during the games is when you come face to face with these massive stage jackpots. Stage 1: the pot is £5k for the group stage of the cup. Stage 2 is £10k for the playoffs. Stage 3 for the quarter-finals is £15k. Semi-finals being stage 4 is at £20 and the FINAL stage, stage 5 is a jackpot pool of £25,000!

Your job to win the game is simple. Play Goal Smash and wager £20 in return you get a £5 bonus and a raffle for the prize draw. Only 200 people can be picked for the draw, in which from that only 10 people will be picked for the final draw to each share a piece of the stages jackpot value.

Players can play the roulette game as much as they want but can only claim a max of 50 tickets each day.

There you have it, 100% footballing action from the top 32 nations that managed to buy their way into the tournament, mixed with the simplest of casino games to play.

If there is only one place to immerse yourself in all the best casino and sporting action of this World Cup then it’s at the Goal Smash Roulette table residing inside one of the best online casinos.

Video Replay of the Goal Smash

Score yourself a winner by taking part in Goal Smash Roulette over at Leo Vegas, where you can also claim a 100% Welcome bonus up to £300 plus 30 bonus spins.
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