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Platooners™ by Elk Studios: Giving Hollywood a Run for their Money

Alistair Edwards 28 June 2018 - 11:19:52
Platooners™ by Elk Studios

This is in fact one of the most cleverest titles you’ll read this century. Elk Studios, Hollywood studios, Elk making a game which is about making a film, Hollywood makes films, Platooners™ and you have Platoon™… see, this is why our site charges no member fees!

Lights, Camera and No Jokes about the Money Shot!

An Elk Studios release is now seemingly in synch with the turning of a calendar page, month by month a new feature is thrusted upon us and we lap it up like the dogs we are.

So this is a new twist, perhaps a big middle finger to other studio’s getting multi-million corporate deals to turn bad films into slots with more entertainment. Someone say Lost World™? We didn’t say Lost World™.

Anyhoo, Elk has made a game that’s making a movie, fair play, smart and inventive angles here Elk, so how the hell does this work? The story goes like this. We have a set, the set is all rigged up and camera ready to roll. We have 3 ‘actors’ who are the Platooners™, armed to the teeth with prop guns and grenades. The enemy – a gold filled snake!

Okay, no Oscar winner here so let’s look at the actual ‘game’ in closer detail.

"In the end, the final production is a contender for a prestigious award, even perhaps Game of the Year."

The Platooners™ are haphazard so their skills to deal with fires arm are not the best, the result of this is where the game action comes into play. This game is a 4x5 grid, the set is beautifully crafted with film tape forming the reels. The symbols are a nod to war paraphernalia, with dog-tags and medic-kits etc.

The base game is a test shot of what is to be the real thing in the bonus round. Here the weaponry intensifies and with this, you get more features such as respins and free spins. The game also comes with 178 ways to win and the jackpot is $£250,000!

The bonus round is triggered when the golden snake head scatter symbol lands 3 or more times. Each additional scatter adds more chances in the bonus round which follows.

You have Action Spins for the base game. Rockets bring one additional free spin to the game landing the same 'Platooner' on reels 1 and 3. For Grenades, you need to cover reels 3,4 and 5 for an extra spin. Bullets will generate 5 of a kind win from one spin.

So which one will cause more damage to the casino’s bank account, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Ssssnakes of Fortune

Platooners™  at Casumo Casino

Okay, jumping back to the bonus round we need to make it clear that, this, right here is why Elk won Game of the Year in 2017. They think out of the box when there is no box because the box was never there, it’s that level of intelligence. Snakes of Fortune is the name of the round and contains different levels with higher payouts for each one.

Level one is easy and has low to medium payouts.

Level two is medium and thusly has medium to high payouts.

Level 3 is hard and the value is ‘ultra high’.

During the climactic scene, you have Mystery coins to reward extra money or additional armoury.

The snake is in sections, destroy one and you move onto the next and this is how the level progression works. Along the way, you pick up extra attack activation, ammo refills and bombs. All to help level this slippery b*stard!

As with all Elk games you have in-built strategies you can read in the game information section, how you bet, how bets can change, alter, jump and be optimized.

In the end, the final production is a contender for a prestigious award, even perhaps Game of the Year.

If you want to get your hands on a $£250,000 jackpot and bring the snake down to size then head to Casumo Casino. There you can play Platooners™ along with other Elk games. Collect your free welcome bonus of 20 extra spins.
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