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Bonus of the Week: Limited Summer Giveaway, $100,000 in Cash Prizes

Alistair Edwards 4 July 2018 - 10:48:04

Were at the Quarter-Final stages of the World Cup, all hope is not lost for the remaining teams. There will be victors and sorry loser after the next four games, but that said what do you get out of it? Well, the battle to win the big prize isn’t over for you yet either. LeoVegas has jumped on the footballing bandwagon with their LVFC Summer Giveaway. Yes, there’s still no avoiding this sporting event and if you like your betting, then how does a share of $100,000 sound?

No Qualification Rounds here, Just Bet and Win

"There is yet another FREE prize but that surprise is down to you to discover."

Okay, so this one is mainly aimed at the avid football fan, though beginners luck always seems to strike for those brave enough to sweat over a football bet.

LeoVegas has ramped up the summer spirit with their own World Cup event. With $100,000 up for the taking to those with nerve, balls of steel and a footballing statistics which date back to 1930. If you fancy a piece of this then you’ll need to join the LVFC team, which could be the summer signing of the year.

The World Cup itself might be progressing through to the final stages but that will have no effect on how you can win your thousands. Here’s how you can ‘score’ some very rewarding prized over the next 2-weeks.

Head over to the LeoVegas Sports arena and place bets down on the outcome of the remaining fixtures. Bets of $20 or more. Will add you to the leaderboard. The more bets you place the more points you get. The top 25 players will win a prize, the most coveted being the Jackpot of $50,000. You have till July 15th to either lump your money on a Swedish surprise, an England Flop or a Brazilian masterclass.

But that is not all folks!

Get Extra FREE Bets on the World Cup

For every four bets that you make your fifth is totally free, and the FREE bet is still $20 in its value. No cheapskates here at LeoVegas.

So here’s how the prizes breakdown from 1st place ‘Football Wizard’ to 25th place ‘Utter Useless Toad’.

players football leovegas

Footballing Wizard = $50,000 cash

“He knows his stuff” = $25,000 cash

Talented but unlucky = $10,000 cash

Taking part is all that mattered = $5,000 cash

Beginners luck = $3,000 cash

You’re the David Beckham of gambling = $2,000 cash

You’re Ronaldo’s Hourly Wage = $1,000 cash

Never mind, there’s always 2022 = $750 cash

9th and 10th come in with lucky mindless bets =$500 free best

11th to 14th for those that didn’t even watch any of the games = $250 free bet

15th to 17th Least you got something to hide your pathetic attempts = $150 free bet

18th to 25th you utter useless toad!

All are not to be taken literally, only the prizes. There is yet another FREE prize but that surprise is down to you to discover.

To find where you rank in the insults, head over to LeoVegas before July 15th and also claim your welcome bonus of $700 to play with.
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