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Exclusive Bespoke Slots at Mr Green: Leaving Non-Members Envious

Karen Newport 2 August 2018 - 03:49:23
mr Gree Casino Exclusive Slots

If you were unaware that casinos can hold their own unique games that are not found anywhere else, then now the alarm bells should be ringing. These are limited, fully exclusive to members only. They play and pay better and over at Mr Green there are many things you are missing out on in a very big way. Here are just three of the limited edition slots that you should make you drop everything and sign up to play immediately.

Making Slots More Personal

"Lucky Mr Green™ is a 3 x5 grid slot that carries a 800 times your wager payout making the max jackpot available $£640,000!"

By having a casino giving it a personal touch it adds huge benefits to the players taking part in the fun. These exclusives are set only in place of that casino so no network link to hundreds of other sites. It’s just you and the other members which have the chance to win big. Better odds and better gameplay.

Now, there are five exclusives that Mr Green harbour but we are only going to inform you of three. The others shall be the best surprise to await you when you make the wise choice of joining them soon as you finish reading this page.

Lucky Mr Green™

Exclusive 1 - Lucky Mr Green™: Produced with Red Tiger developers, this is Showtime in all its glory and with Mr Green as the entertainer himself, this is dance, music and jewels all in one. Lucky Mr Green™ is a 3 x5 grid slot that carries a 800 times your wager payout making the max jackpot available $£640,000! The game holds Showgirl Wilds, the Pocket Watch Multiplier, Luxury Reels and Mega Wilds.

For an additional bonus round, you have the Extra Spins pick me game. With 20 paylines, this slot boasts huge winning potential with bonus rounds alone reaching up to 12 times your wager and unlimited spins and the base game having Mr Green random reward triggers.

Golden Colts™

Exclusive 2 – Golden Colts™: The calling of the Wild West leads us to the next venture of exclusive slots and here with the development of Play’n GO we battle it out to steal the loot.

This visually stunning game is a 4 x 5 slot that offers a ransom reward of $£250,000!

This is slot slinging at its best with 40 payline to boost its winning appeal. The ‘most wanted’ slot comes with 7 bonus rounds, Ace-High Gang, Wild Bull, Law of the Wild, Gunslingers, Poker Play, Furies and Most Wanted. This is the best Western-themed game out there in ‘Casino World’ and only members get to play it.

Get Exclusive Access with 20 Free Spins

Mr Green Moonlight™

Exclusive 3 – Mr Green Moonlight™: 1865 and the streets are no place to roam. The Moon makes all things turn and some of those things have claws and teeth! NetEnt brings us to the Monsters layer. Brilliantly capturing the look of 40s movie landscaping, this gothic reel is set on a 3 x 5 grid with a jackpot to take a bite of, as you max windfall hits $£150,000.

The game boasts new unseen features that links wild symbols to expand your winning lines and your payout. You have Extra Spins to win also with a 5 times multiplier. Fight with silver bullets but win pure gold!

Action speaks far louder than words and there is only one way to be part of it.

Here is your exclusive link to Mr Green Casino, pick up 20 extra spins to play free and enjoy those limited exclusives.
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