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Terminator 2™: Slot Flashback to Celebrate the New Movie Sequel

Alistair Edwards 24 August 2018 - 00:32:32
Terminator 2 slot by Microgaming

Question: How many movies does it take to kill a franchise? Answer: Zero F**ks! Not a quote taken by any cast or crew member, just seemingly the attitude of the Hollywood elite that is now making a f-king SIXTH Terminator™ flick. By this time we would expect an O.A.P Sarah Conner having to navigate a motorized wheelchair whilst in hot pursuit from a mean bast*rd robot looking to re-wire her pacemaker. So to celebrate the forthcoming release of the new movie we take a look back at the best sequel to come from this marathon, Terminator 2™, YES, better than the first, suck it up!

He’ll Be Back for the $440,000 Jackpot

"So what did it offer people back in 2014 which it still carries forward 4 years till now? Well, a jackpot to choke on for one, $440,000.00 to be exact."

The original T2 slot was release back in 2014 and in those four years, we can confidently say that it was clearly a benchmark for what followed. This Microgaming release set the standard, a big ass movie with a big ass jackpot to suit. Even in the 4 years passing, the effect, the gameplay and all that comes with it still better than 98% of games thrown at us today.

The T2 slot is basically a fans wet-dream with movie clips, action, theme, sound and characters. It is Microgaming at its very best and there is an argument to say that since they have failed to come as close to this in terms of all round gaming perfection.

So what did it offer people back in 2014 which it still carries forward 4 years till now? Well, a jackpot to choke on for one, $440,000.00 to be exact.

The game carried up to 1024 ways in a bonus feature and 243 during the base game level.

3 to 5 Scatters triggers the bonus round with 10 extra spins awarded at the highest payline level. During this, the T-1000 can transform into other character symbols to increase the win size.

The bonus round T-800 is triggered by the red scatter symbol, only one needed to turn this apocalyptic nightmare into some freaky terminator-vision gameplay. You get the extra spins feature and plays all character symbols of big payouts.

Future Gameplay Ahead of its Time

Terminator 2 Slot reels

The game is nothing but sheer quality. The symbols pop to life when a payline triggers and the movie clip kicks in to jolt us. It’s smooth to play with good reel time that doesn’t drag out the tension, but it’s also the music which makes the game complete and true to the movie.

This set the standard and the formatting has been copied time and time again since, in recent times you’ll find the format in Robocop™ by Playtech, The Naked Gun™ by Blueprint Gaming and The Mask™ by NextGen Gaming. Now, these games alone are great in their own right, but a lot is owed to the T2 slot by Microgaming.

Following the movie news the slot has been thrust back into the spotlight of many casinos, untouched, un-revamped and retaining that massive bonus. So he said he’ll be back and he sure as hell is.

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