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Bonus of the Week: 10-yr Anniversary Special - "Happy Birthday Mr Green"

Barry Howard 5 September 2018 - 05:53:30
Mr Green Casino Cash Explosion

If the color of money is enough to get the heart racing with excitement, then Mr Green should put you into a state of cardiac arrest - heaven forbid that happens - but hey, a few weeks of work gambling and winning money is the upside should this Bonus of the Week start causing those palpitations.

The Birthday Boy has a Present for YOU

"The 200,000 cash pot has a set of rewards ranging from $100 to $17,000, but the one lucky participant takes the limelight from the birthday boy with a ridiculous $100,000 top prize! "

So Mr Green has been in the game for 10-years and in his time has seen the fall and rise of many a competitor which they have endured to win countless awards for their services and justifiably so. The Bonus of the Week is in celebration of their esteemed works and it’ you that reaps the rewards for their hard-slog.

The party invite reads "$200,000 Cash Explosion"! Seems the birthday boy wants to party hard: you’re invited to join the hundreds of thousands of other partygoers with a chance to win some of this Canadian cash bonanza. The games are set and you have till the 23rd of September to be one of 500 players that experience life-changes rewards.

Most Birthday parties suck, this one though is clearly setting a standard.

So how to become filthy rich from Mr Green… The 200,000 cash pot has a set of rewards ranging from $100 to $17,000, but the one lucky participant takes the limelight from the birthday boy with a ridiculous $100,000 top prize! This is the full winning sum, not broken down and not shared, this is all yours.

To take part you only need to play 200 spins on their games of the week. These will alternate, but this week you have the exclusive bespoke game Lucky Mr Green™, Laser Fruit™, Dragon’s Luck™, Ra’s Legend™ and Treasure Mile™. Best of all you don’t get stung by B.S rules, all 200 spins can be at the lowest wager which is $0.20.

That’s all there is too it, just 200 spins on any of these games and you enter the Cash Explosion. After you just sit back to await the prize landing in your account, which you can either cash out or play with. Should it be the jackpot of $100,000, then the first thing you do is hand in your notice at work with a proud middle finger!

Other Party Activities at Mr Green Casino

Mr Green 10-year Anniversary

10-years is a very impressive feat by anyone’s standard in the industry which is riddled with countless casinos baying over your interest and membership. Mr Green picked up the challenge and ran with it. Casino games, Live dealer tables and sports betting, the whole 9 yards covered and executed with finesse and quality.

If you’re a new gambler looking for their first casino then pop your cherry with the best in the business. If your current casino sucks, then do what many have done: transfer your interest to the man in green and get sorted with a vast array of games and promotions that will put you first.

The invite is out and the rsvp is the Mr Green link right here. Click to be in for a cash windfall and claim your welcome bonus of $100 and 120 free spins.
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