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Age of the Gods™: The Greatest Progressive Jackpot Series Ever!!!

Tom Lasten 7 September 2018 - 11:45:45
Age of the Gods by Playtech

In an age of social reform to gambling where T.V stations pump out adverts for gambling on a regular basis and in an age of multi-billion dollar transactions that are done between casinos and players, now seems a good age for the industry. Here we look at one of the key ingredients to the online success, without entertainment you just have boredom, we are now in the Age of the Gods™ that are setting the standards of gambling action.

A Series that is Progressively getting Bigger

"You can play from minimal wagers to top stakes, it would not matter at all. Every kind of player gets their chance to win and feel the power."

The industry lauds epic jackpots. It’s the best thing for a casino to boast that some luck s**t just landed 5, 10, 13 million and this has happened many times. The only surprising thing is that there is actually a lack of progressive jackpot options, not to criticise the games themselves, more laziness on the side of the developers.

Well, one developer has clearly stood out from the many and this is Playtech. The creative minds behind such game releases as Robocop™, American Dad™, the ‘original’ Batman™ series, Who Wants to be a Millionaire™ and Top Gun™ just to name a few of the 500+ creations they have provided to casinos worldwide and here in Canada.

One series stands head and shoulder about the rest, not only their own creations but throughout the industry, this is the Age of the Gods™.

The progress jackpot series which took the format of big money payouts by the balls and turned it on its head. The series thus far contains the following titles that all link to the one enormous jackpot sum of over 1 million.

You have the original Age of the Gods™

  • Gods of Storms™
  • Age of the Gods Roulette™
  • Battle of the Gods™
  • Medusa & Monsters™
  • King of the Underworld™
  • The Fate Sisters™
  • Goddess of Wisdom™
  • Furious 4™
  • Ruler of the Sky™
  • Prince of Olympus™

The Greek mythology has never been so cleverly adapted than these online slot options within the series. The series at this point sees the new release of Ruler of the Sky™ making it the ninth sequel or ‘spin-off’ with the exclusion of the roulette format game.

Four Jackpot Level Gameplay

Age of the Gods at Mansion casino

By having a diverse and widely fascinating subject matter the gaming titles produce new and greater ways to play and win. The Age of the Gods™ series holds four main jackpot levels. The minor sum is the Power level which is regularly won, as you see this notification flash up during even 20 minutes of gameplay. This level carries a reward up to an average of $500. Next is the Extra Power level which is an average payout of $1000. Then Super Power with up to $5000. Finally, you have the Ultimate Power which takes the jackpot into the realms of the ridiculous!

Why is the Age of the Gods™ the best progressive jackpot? Well, unlike every other jackpot slot this series triggers the bonus round no matter your wager value. You can play from minimal wagers to top stakes, it would not matter at all. Every kind of player gets their chance to win and feel the power.

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