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Max Quest™: BetSoft are on a Quest to Re-write Online Slot History

Tom Lasten 14 September 2018 - 03:50:17
Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

There are points in time throughout and in any industry which sets the standards, lays down new foundations to steer others down a new and exciting direction. 20-odd years ago it was Novomatic releasing the Book of Ra™. Time travel forward and the past has reawakened with BetSoft, now at the helm of this slot icon that is ‘Ra’, as the countdown is on for the release of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™, which is going to change EVERYTHING about online gambling, especially slots.

Redefining Online Gameplay

"Professed to be ‘a new era in gaming’ makes this a modest statement from the BetSoft team. Never before has a role-playing game been made. This is total action and immersive adventure."

We will be brave enough to say that online gambling really needs a big change. For all the movie titles the developers snap up and however many different themes there are, it’s the same old format which has been in place for over two long decades.

The natural course of order would be to utilize the phenomenal skill these game-makers have and to push the boundaries so far out as to make people question if this is a game for gambling or one that is purely based on gameplay. Well, why not both?

Praise be it that one software developer is turning to the industry and saying “so long a**holes” and going about this change with exactly this degree of zero f**ks!

The clock is counting down and in near 40-days’ time, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™ will be the biggest and most in-demand online game, anywhere!

BetSoft makes great games, past titles include Dragon King™, Fire & Steal™, The SlotFather™, Dr.Jekyll &Mr. Hyde™, Mamma Mia™ and Barbary Coast™ to name a few. Play any of these and you start to realize that a few other ‘more-well-known’ names have either struck luck to be landing bigger branded deals or paid their way to the top. Betsoft are phenomenal designers and illustrators of graphical gameplay. Now, with Max Quest™, they may have well given everyone the biggest middle finger to take the title for "Game of the Year".

Play the Future of Online Slots this October

Max Quest:1212-max-quest-slot-by-betsoft-1.jpg

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra™ blends immersive gaming with slot machines. It’s like console gaming with real money treasure to be won. The game breaks all genres and it is impossible to label. It takes new heights as a multiplayer format and experience that literally takes you in and around the tombs of ancient Egypt to fight against all the evils in order to win your reward.

Professed to be ‘a new era in gaming’ makes this a modest statement from the BetSoft team. Never before has a role-playing game been made. This is total action and immersive adventure.

Six-players, shooting their way through a subterranean maze being fought back by wild mummies, scarabs and Pharaoh Gods.

So what else is known about the game and the wealth to be won from such an epic platform? We and no-one else knows a damn thing! The hush surrounding this game could make a pin echo when dropped.

If you want visual evidence of this, then look below to see the official first trailer for the release.

Witness the Wrath of Ra with this Official Max Quest™ Video

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