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Bonus of the Week: Not One but Seven Different Deals to Cash-in On

Karen Newport 17 October 2018 - 04:22:06
BitStarz Casino promotions

There was a collective agreement in the office that we could offer a bit more when it comes to our Bonus of the Week slot. Giving you one bonus is a bit limp so what we have done is searched through our top sites for the casino which is offering more than just a flashy welcome bonus and gives their members that bit extra when heading into their games as a continued customer. So ignore the Bonus of the Week as we bring you BONUSES OF THE WEEK! More work on giving you great rewards and less work on thinking up a catchy title for this change.

More Offers Equals More Money, Mathematical FACT!

"Every hump day is a free slot day for every deposit you make, which can see you collect up to 200 free spins!

For Canadians, there is a "Top 10" feature on our site that lists the most outstanding casinos based on services and bonus offers, which the casinos are then scored by the players independently. Now, formulating a top ten isn’t easy: the cost of slave labor to go through every optional website is frankly ridiculous when we have a broken coffee machine that’s perhaps more of an important consideration when it comes to our own overheads.

105 hours later and $50 spent on the efforts we have a new list… time and money wasted as BitStarz Casino ranks 14th on the list. This is the casino that of all sites beats the top 10 casinos for the title BONUSES OF THE WEEK!

Credit where credit due and where all other sites are giving out very rewarding welcome bonuses, BitStarz rests back calmly in a dimly lit smoke-filled room with the spotlight catching the pensive glare of their Marketing CEO, as they utter the word…”more!”

And more you get. So let us talk you through SEVEN incredible offers, rewards, bonuses, promotions and ways to make sh*t loads of free money when heading over to BitStarz casino this week.


Be Part of a Casino that Gives More than Any Married Spouse

Eyes on the prize boys and girls, eyes on the prize...

  • 1: 20 Free Spins No Deposit Required

That’s right, starting with a 100% free bonus just for signing up to BitStarz - an offer that is open to Bitcoin users also, as with all the following offers below.

  • 2: A Four-Tier Welcome Bonus:

-Stage One: First deposit bonus is matched with 100% cash reward up to $100 and 180 free spins. The Bitcoin value is 1 BTC.

-Stage Two: Second deposit is matched by 50% cash reward up to $100. The Bitcoin value is 1 BTC.

-Stage Three: Your Third deposit is 50% up to $200 with the Bitcoin value is 2 BTC.

-Stage Four: Your Fourth and final deposit is 100% up to $100 or 1 BTC.

  • 3: Rook’s Double Cash

Play Rook’s Revenge™ and land double your win when you get 5 red mask symbols within the game, totaling a $5,000 payout.

  • 4: Slot Wars

Hailed as their own personal best. This is a brand new offer that pays out $1,000 and 250 free spins each week through a leadboard race in which the top 50 players will have a share of the prizes.

  • 5: Table Wars

A $500 cash prize to win from their new weekly tournament challenges when playing table games from within the casino.

  • 6: 50% Reload Bonus

Every Monday get a BitStarz cash injection for your first deposit of the day.

  • 7: Free Spins Wednesday

Every hump day is a free slot day for every deposit you make, which can see you collect up to 200 free spins!

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