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From Screen to Scream: The Best Horror Movie Slots to Play this Month

Alistair Edwards 26 October 2018 - 06:26:44
Top 3 Horror Movie Slots

With less than a week to go till Halloween, we have compiled a list of the top 3 horror movie slots that you can enjoy. Many people right now are warming up for the fright night by binge-watching scary movies and slasher flicks, so this list fits perfectly right in. From screen to scream, you can be in the heart of the action with some terrifyingly good prizes which are worth taking a stab at.

Bleed the Games Dry

"A character that’s not overly used again and again by movie studios, mainly because a walking Trout is about as terrifying as a carrot with googly eyes on it."

There were a number of potentials that could have made the list but we opted for the ones which each offer diverse gameplay, stunning features and winnable jackpots. Those which came close where such works like A Nightmare on Elm Street™, Psycho™, Aliens™, Paranormal Activity™, The Walking Dead™ and From Dusk till Dawn™.

What did make the list and clearly seen in the main image is Halloween™, Dracula™ and the Creature from the Black Lagoon™. A fine mix of legendary horror, cult horror and some guy in suit flapping about like he’s farted and can’t get out.

The Halloween gaming selection really does find its ground when inspired by the movies. There are very few that are created that have the depth of gameplay to be on the same level of scares and entertainment. By using known brands there is also a relatable liking because of cultural and social connections. Hook us up with a psychotic motel owner over whatever the hell Immortal Romance™ is, any day of the week.

In no specific order here is a brief overview of the slots to sh*t your pants over.

Top 3 Horror Movie Inspired Slots

Halloween at Dunder Casino

Halloween™ by Microgaming: based on the original film by John Carpenter, an absolute must for those that have seen or yet to see the movie. The game provides many of the killed or survived characters playing their part as the slot’s symbols and bonuses features. It’s a perfect homage to the film which inspired so much after it. Here you have a mix of expanded Wild symbols, Free Spin rounds, a terrifying Pick me Bonus and the trick or treat bonus wheel. Action packed, great options to win and has many reoccurring visits from Mr. Myers.

Universal Monsters: Dracula™ by NetEnt: Part of a series of film monsters, this one stands out by a mile! The fanged badass has been adapted so many ways in film from annoying angst teens to blood lusting perverts. The adaption for this game is perfectly produced, 100% sinister and yet suitable enough to front a heavy metal thrash band.

The game drips with splendid 3D animation which still beats current games, the feature includes free spins, stacked wilds, random features and the Bat Feature. Bloody good gameplay to sink your teeth into.

Creature from the Black Lagoon™ by NetEnt: A character that’s not overly used again and again by movie studios, mainly because a walking Trout is about as terrifying as a carrot with googly eyes on it. But it’s on the list because it’s damn good. Sticking with the ‘old school’ 50s b-movie theme, the game provides a beautiful laid out slot like something from an old-time comic book. The game has 20 payline to help you win and features free spins as the main bonus capture. Dangle your rod our and wait for the freak to bite and grab the big wins that come from this game thanks to the many wild symbols which feature.

Drain Him of Money before He Drains You of Blood

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