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Max Quest by BetSoft: Guide to the Game of the Year (according to us)

Tom Lasten 9 November 2018 - 03:38:11
Max Quest by BetSoft

Well, if you wanted a glimpse into the future of casino gameplay, then you’ll have to step into the realms of ancient Egypt to witness and marvel in the splendor that is Max Quest® by BetSoft. This is role-playing, avatar action and adventure! This is interactive engagement on a grand scale which is the first of its kind for the industry. Welcome to our guide for Max Quest®!

#1: Max Quest® by BetSoft: The Game

"The weapons have different strengths, the bigger you go the greater the kill, the higher the kill the more money you will have won."

Max Quest® is a combination of RNG gameplay laced with shoot-em-up action, which is uniquely played like a console game, but rewards like a casino slot. This is multi-level and multi-gun entertainment that bends and breaks all known rules.

The treasure of Ra has been buried deep in the lost and forgotten tombs of Egypt, and in this multiplayer game, the task it to retrieve it whilst winning payouts along the way. Before you are coppered out to the sand bowl, you pick your avatar which can be a pre-selected character or customized option which allows you to select your persona and badge/icon style.

In order to prepare for full-on battle mode, where bullets mean payouts, you then can buy ammo which is equal to the cost of a wager that you get in an online slot game. The bullet cost ranges from 0.01 to 0.25 each. You also have an option to buy in bulk, 10 bullets up to 100,000.

From this point, you are presented the number of rooms to which you can enter, only six players per room. Do you fight solo or as a team? You decide, though there is no way to stop other joining you if you go it alone.

#2: Max Quest® by BetSoft: The Features & Weaponry

Max Quest® weapons

The Max Quest® game is a slot, it’s just that the surface of the game is nothing at all like it.

Soon as you enter the room, you are presented with the first level. Your slot grid is the floor space of this tomb, the symbols are the dead figures which limp across the screen.

Here, every shot taken is a guaranteed win, every missed target will see bullets ricochet and hit another of the dead servants of Ra. If the shot is fired and no enemy is hit, this returns to your cache of bullets.

Each target has its own prize value which is randomly selected. Now, the weapons with make the kills and the money…

The weapons have different strengths, the bigger you go the greater the kill, the higher the kill the more money you will have won.

The Shotgun is your standard weapon: this is the lowest of impact success as it can only target a single enemy. Next is the Grenade, this can target up to 5 of the enemies. After we are presented with the Machine Gun, rapid firing and ricochet hits are the plus of this killing machine. Next is the Laser, a high-intensity beam with ricochet, and lastly the most powerful of weaponry: the Plasma Rifle.

The bullets for special weaponry is considered as a free bet and comes with no cost besides their purchased cost. If any are unused, they are then converted to a weapons bonus which ends each round/level of the game.

So yes, you can buy armoury chests to improve and increase your win rate: each weapon has settings such as lock on target, auto fire, fire speed and auto equip.

The ‘symbols’ or enemy take the form of everything from Scarab beetles to mummies on fire.

At the end of a game round, a God will rise: you have Anubis, Osiris and Ra. Though tricky to kill, the rewards are staggering... Remember every hit is a win and with the Plasma Rifle it’s 1000x the cost of the bullet.

#3: Max Quest® by BetSoft: Tips, Mapping and Strategy

Max Quest® gameplay

Playing as a collective force has its ups and downs, as one unit levels are accomplished faster but winnings are split. With weapons, though the higher their performance you can achieve the same results by sticking with just the cheaper Shotgun and the Grenades.

Your experience of the game will bring about extra player levels, the scoring for your experience is indicated on the gaming bar as XP. You’ll increase your personal player level and, in turn, climb the leaderboard which is also marked on the toolbar.

BetSoft have built 25 quests in total for this game, some with special agendas such as killing particular enemies and hunts for lost treasures. They are all described on the official website Here!

The trick is to play smart, if prizes are shared then play in full six-player rooms and conserve your budget for when the higher payout enemies appear. Then sit back for the big share prizes!

What's HOT:

  • RTP 96%
  • Desktop and Mobile (IOS, Android)
  • Multiplayer Shoot-em-up

Max Quest® by BetSoft in Action

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