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Let the Battle Commence: Game of Thrones™ Slot vs. Vikings™ Slot

Karen Newport 4 January 2019 - 02:40:28
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Welcome to a New Year and a new casino news piece, the first for 2019. We take a look at the very thing most of us will have taken part in during the Christmas celebrations and the days leading up till now, avoiding the family and watching your favorite TV shows instead. Here we battle it out with the big online slots, which for many will be their #1 programme also. The Seven Kingdoms versus the Nordics. It was only time coming where we had to judge the two games off one-another. This is a case of old versus new, as the slots, Game of Thrones™ by Microgaming came out 2 years before NetEnt’s Vikings™ game. But age is just a number and we look at what each of the games provides for our lust for history, fantasy and blood!!!

In this TV Show Slots Battle, will Game of Thrones win?

"The jackpot of this game sails in at 1 Million! It also holds ‘243 ways to win’."

First up we look at the eldest of the games Game of Thrones™, recently upgraded to a ‘243 ways to win’ machine. Needless to say that there would have been a certain amount of pressure on Microgaming in this development seeing as the TV show is now the biggest thing since the Simpsons...

To appease the millions of fans, Game of Thrones™ is kept simple, no favoritism to characters, but more to the story. The Jackpot is 605,000 and lines up some massive baseline payments.

The Free Spins bonuses make this game, with each family of the show containing Spins and Multipliers ranging from 8 to 18 free spins and 2x to 5x in multipliers. The Free Spins in the bonus features can be retriggered, which adds extra weight to the favor of this game. Stacked wilds also are something to benefit contenders taking on the slot machine.

A highlight of the game is the Gamble Trail feature, where players journey through 4 map locations. At the flip of a coin, your progression depends and your win doubles each time.

Vikings™ head to the Battleground: a heated fight is expected...

Vikings™ by NetEnt was only released at the end of November and comes with a dazzling intro to the game. This is not what Game of Thrones™ is. This is pure fan bait. This game boasts the main characters within the symbols and offers them also as wild stacked symbols which come into play with the ‘Hotspot’ feature.

The jackpot of this game sails in at 1 Million! It also holds ‘243 ways to win’. The first of the special features is Raid Spins. In this, the slot transforms into a 7x5 grid and a ‘78,125 ways to win’ area.

The Shield Wall feature is next, which is randomly triggered in any level of the game, even within bonuses.

Animation-wise, this game oozes it all with snowfall, crows and wind-blown banners.

For us Vikings™ beats Game of Thrones™ very easily, but why not see for yourself?!

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