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She’s Back! A Brand New Lara Croft Tomb Raider™ by Microgaming Game is coming in 2019

Karen Newport 11 January 2019 - 04:58:49
Lara Croft™ by Microgaming

The first biggest new game release has just been announced and it comes by Microgaming. One of the giant software providers in the industry is soon to grace us all with a brand new Lara Croft game, as they celebrate the 15th-anniversary partnership with Square Enix. So hold on because 2019 already promises to bring you bigger and better games to play, and this is just one which has us excited.

Let the Tomb Raiding Commence

"The game was huge in its level of adventure and action to perfectly reflect the video game [...]."

The longstanding partnership between the two companies goes back to square one. In 2004, they produced the sublime game Lara Croft: Tomb Raider™ which put Microgaming on the map of ingenuity and production.

The game was a huge success given the social success of the console game Tomb Raider™. It gave to the masses pouring over their computers to play this dynamic game.

The rewards of this collaboration then came back in 2008 with the sequel Tomb Rider: Secret of the Sword™ which again became a huge success story for the online slot game.

With no official date yet announced, Microgaming has confirmed the third installment on this pending trilogy is in the works. Lara will make a return in what will undoubtedly be their biggest slot to date given the popularity the franchise carries.

Lara Croft is a huge icon in the realms of fictional characters and since her introduction to the world back in 1996, she has amassed over 67 million units in the video gaming market. Never has a video game character done this playing a heroine role.

The Biggest Online Slot of 2019 Already?

Tomb Raider™ at Jackkpot City Casino

For Microgaming, they may already have won the claim for biggest game this year without having finished its production. Even if the game turned out to be god-awful, the scale to which the popularity of this franchise rises means that it will be played by millions of online gamblers.

It would be a total guess to assume what the game will provide for its users. In 2008 the Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword™ slot was a 30 line slot with a host of bonuses including free spins and a super mode feature. It came with a globe adventure bonus offering a 450 times multiplier on your betting stake. The game was huge in its level of adventure and action to perfectly reflect the video game - which is available to play for free from our site.

It stands to reason that the makers will have to go bigger; it may become their first Virtual Reality platform slot, it may be a progressive jackpot slot, or it could just be a standard bonus game to fit in with the previous two releases, but being an anniversary and with the popularity not looking to dwindle with time, we all know it’s going to be a success.

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