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Promo of the Week: Spin Casino - A Brand New Site Still Retaining Its Former Glories

Tom Lasten 30 January 2019 - 06:38:57
Spin Casino Launches

Normally this would be your Bonus of the Week news, but special attention must be brought to special circumstances, and this is one of them. Here we briefly discuss the new launch of Spin Casino a site which may look familiar to many of you out there. Spin Palace is no more, just like 80s shoulder pads and Elton John’s singing career, the Palace has been banished to the archives of history. So what now?

The Casino is Still a Palace of Outstandingly Lavish Gameplay

"The Vegas platform holds over 200 standard games and machines. You still have Live Sports Betting with in-play feature offering over 3000 different ways to bet."

Spin Casino is, for all intense an purposes, a basic facelift - yes, even aging casinos need to look youthful and vibrant to compete in the market - so after hiring a bunch of fresh-faced out of college students to rebrand the casino, we are now presented with a new-ish name and look.

For members of the old site, your login will just redirect you to the new casino and new players still using the older site name will still be directed to the Spin Casino pages to play and register.

Out with the Old and Into the New with a CA$1,000 Bonus


For those who had not known of the former casino, then allow us to explain a few details.

In a nutshell, the once Spin Palace casino loomed large over the choice of sites presented to online players. Where other sites lack, the Palace compensated; where casinos failed to deliver, the Palace was like the UPS of gambling venues (if that makes any sense at all, but not literally speaking of course.)

Spin Casino is still very much the same. You have your important three arenas of gaming. The Vegas platform holds over 200 standard free casino games and machines. You still have Live Sports Betting with in-play features offering over 3000 different ways to bet. Then you have the Live Casino arena with live dealers offering up the best in card and table games.

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