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Brexit Gamble: Will the UK Casinos Be Dealt a Bad Hand in this Deal?

Karen Newport 8 February 2019 - 04:39:24
Brexit and Casinos

Well, a news article like this was due, given the possible ramifications of the E.U going to s#it, now that the United Kingdom have flipped the bureaucrats the middle finger and move away from what is a very much damaged union of countries. So what does this mean for the industry of Online Casinos? This is what we shall discuss because, as you may not know, a large majority of the casinos open on the UK market are based in the E.U.

Will the Deal See the UK industry Fold?

"Players throughout will feel the impact, given fewer players will be playing, there will be less in the value of jackpots to be won."

So for many UK based residence, there has been plenty of scare tactics and told untruths. The reliance of finance experts, forecast projections and legal advice have led the situation of Brexit into an unknown real nightmare.

For the optimist, they have faith in the idea that if it can get worse, then the so-called ‘crashing out’ is best for the country.

So where does this leave the industry of gambling? Will there be an E.U gambling boarder? Will it be untouched allowing for free movement of players from casino to casino? Short answer – No-one knows. Long answer – Here are the possibilities that face the casinos and the players when Brexit finally happens on March 29th, 2019.

Keep Calm and Carry On Gambling

No-Deal Brexit Scenarios:

The introduction of W.T.O rules will come into play so it is very possible that you see changes in legislation and possible adjustments in the tax rules.

The majority of the casinos you have access to are based within the E.U, a small handful operate within the UK and are controlled by the UK Gambling Commission.

The ability to ‘play abroad’ comes via the allowance of casinos to adopt legal licenses to support punters from all over the E.U to play where they want. This could all end with UK players being restricted to their own national online casinos.

Players throughout will feel the impact, given fewer players will be playing, there will be less in the value of jackpots to be won.

With this all said, it’s hard to say just now what WILL happen to the UK industry. For now, you should remain calm and carry on gambling!

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