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Ozzy Osbourne™ Video Slot by NetEnt: Mama, He’s Coming Home – Finally!

Alistair Edwards 15 February 2019 - 03:56:42
Ozzy Osbourne™ by netent

NetEnt have collaborated with the Prince of Darkness himself and are set to launch one of the most anticipated slots of many years. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ozzy Osbourne™ is now coming to an online casino near you and we can break this news by packing it with loads of obscure song references that only true Ozzy fans will know of.

The Ultimate Sin just got More Real

We don’t need to make any form of introduction as to who this man is. Frankly, if you don’t know of the life to which Mr. Osbourne has lead, then why the hell did you click on this page!?!?!

"[...]we are in for a ride on the crazy train with a slot that will be breaking all the rules"

It was only a matter of time this was going to happen in life or death, the man, the myth and legend would one day be embodied as a slot machine and that time has now come for him to join other past greats of the rock world.

NetEnt have music taste which is clear from their past work, with online slots made for:

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From rock star to TV reality sensation, Ozzy is now making a mark on online casinos after a deal between NetEnt and the Osbourne brand management, Global Merchandising Service signed off his image rights to turn this icon into a, soon to be, iconic slot machine.

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If you are not different than us, then you will know how exciting this news is. This means war for all other developers that now have to produce something as relevant and big as Ozzy to take the spotlight away.

So as the image of Ozzy goes through changes, will the slot be all the same as the past success as previous NetEnt releases as mentioned?

Who knows! There as yet has been no images or release dates about the Ozzy Osbourne™ game, but what we do know with NetEnt at the helm, we are in for a ride on the crazy train with a slot that will be breaking all the rules.

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