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Bonus of the Week: The Ultimate Sports Tournament is about to Kick-Off

Barry Howard 6 March 2019 - 03:12:36
Fantasy Sports Tournaments at Bethard Casino

It’s not often we delve into the world of sports betting, despite the fact we actually hold a large number of incredible casinos which include the in-play betting option. So, for a change, here is the best sports bonus we could find on the circuit this week. Over at Bethard casino, you can take part in their Fantasy Sports tournament and take on friends and other sporting fans from across the whole world!!!

Stop Fantasizing and Become a Sporting Legend

"It’s the best opportunity you’ll have to put on your managerial hat and control a team that can land you big winnings[...]"

This tournament option is perhaps the best we have seen. Bethard are covering sporting events that include Ice Hockey, Basketball and Football/Soccer.

You will have the chance to play against your friends within your own tournament, join in with freeroll tournaments where you can win money and tickets to sporting events.

There is a Draft ‘n’ Go tournament which is a specialist and limited numbers tournament. There is also the option to do the Challenges tournament, in which two players take part in a private competition.

The H2H challenge is a longer withstanding tournament that stretches over all gaming options and lastly, there is a private league tournament.

The whole massive tournament exclusive is a “buy-in” option, with the exception of the freeroll tournament. The “Buy-in” for the money prizes is only $11 and your goal for your selected Fantasy Team is to be top of the points table, based on the performances of the players you’ve selected from within the given budget to all competitors. Bare in mind that you can get your stake back if you bet is unsuccessful!

Put Your Sports Knowledge to the Test

bethard casino

Points are scored based on performances during the game, which can be affected by substitutions, goals, cards/fouls, assists and skills and impact within the game.

It’s the best opportunity you’ll have to put on your managerial hat and control a team that can land you big winnings, which all competing players have cashed into.

This should now be making sense why this has been selected as our Bonus of the Week, it’s a massive event that will be played with as many or as little people as you want.

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