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Top 3 Worst Casino Tattoos: How to Prove You’re Bad at Gambling

Karen Newport 8 March 2019 - 05:44:49
top 3 Worst casino tattoos

Well, they say there’s a lot of risk in gambling, scratch that idea, there’s more risk in getting a tattoo and these artistic disasters prove the case. We normally save this ‘slot’ for news about game releases and important stories, not this week readers. This week we point the finger of shame and show you have far people will go to show their love of the game and then go totally bust with the end results.

Life is a Gamble!?! Bit like that Tattoo Pal

Who needs to play with a full suite of cards if you Gambie..??? Surely there is supposed to be an 'L' in there right? This risk-taker threw caution to the wind with this piece of s#it and probably not a lot of money either. To be fair, the child which drew this probably suffered slow development in the brain department but the coloring is spot-on and surprisingly correct.

Score: Never getting laid again!

Not Exactly an Ink-redible Work of Art there Fella

King of Poker, rrright. But credit to the use symbolism here, this is no run of the mill cock-up. This eye-sore has been crafted down the very finest detail. Note the two roses, mum and dad perhaps, they look dead enough. The flaming dice, because he likes to handle hot things like a kettle. The blank banner to symbols the thought process behind the owner of this piece and the clever way of partly hiding the word ‘POKER’ behind the cards, bravo Picasso, cut this masterpiece off and hang it on the wall for the guest to gawp over.

Score: Most definitely a Nickelback Fan.

Always be Specific with Your Ideas

Tattooist: Hi how can I help?

Idiot: I’d like to get the king of hearts tattoo please.

Tattooist: king of hearts huh, ladies’ man I bet. Wise choice sir, where would you like this, Arm, Hand, Thigh?

Idiot: Neck please.

Tattooist: I got ya bruv.

Idiot: But have it STABBED into my neck with blood!!!

Casimba casino

Tattooist: _____!

Score: Still seeking employment.

Find Your Gaming Passion and Leave it in the Casino

In all fairness, this list could have rolled into the hundreds. This was nothing more than a bit of fun to highlight the passion people have for the games they play. Who we kidding, they are clearly void of any capacity to make wise decisions. However, we now spin this full circle to offer you the chance to play the best card games online through the Casimba Casino.

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