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It Happened Again: The 2nd Multi-Millionaire of the Year Confirmed

Alistair Edwards 15 March 2019 - 08:10:18
Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot Won

First it was Mega Moolah™ back in February and now one month later Mega Fortune Dreams™ by NetEnt claims the 2nd largest winner of the year so far. There are two ways to deal with news like this, one is through contempt and bitter envy. The other option is to realize that if these multi-millions are being won in such quick succession then maybe, just maybe, you have a chance too.

Mega Fortune Dreams™ claims $4,333,667.97 Winner

"Our tip would be Divine Fortune™ as the next game to spill its load on the casino floor.

Developed by Net Entertainment, the Mega Fortune Dreams™ sees it newest winner scoop over 4 million dollars, just a few weeks after the Mega Moolah™ game spilled out $20 million. The progressive jackpot are known to pay out frequently so don’t worry, your turn could come from any game at any moment.

The progressive jackpot format sees all the same game from hundreds of casinos all linked up. This allows for the figured to rise to these extraordinary sums. The pot of wealth is going to happen again, which we said it would then the last jackpot struck. Someone clearly took our advice and it’s going to happen again.

If you wish to test this life changing game out yourself then we have a free to play demo game that works from our browser, so no need to download any software to experience what a progressive jackpot game plays like.

There are Plenty more Progressive Jackpot to be Won

Mega Fortune Dreams™ at Rolla Casino

Discover the ‘wealth of opportunity’ from other progressive jackpot games that are yet to land this year so far.

Our tip would be Divine Fortune™ as the next game to spill its load on the casino floor. This, another NetEnt production last struck toward the end of last year and its win ratio has it lined up to be the next one.

Be the next lucky player to win big and perhaps the first major millionaire to win from Canada, it just takes a single spin!

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