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Top 3 Sports Betting Tips: Score Big Wins from the Top Online Bookies

Tom Lasten 19 April 2019 - 07:56:13
top 3 sports betting tips

Yes, in case you were unaware, we do cover this area of the casino from time to time and list a number of very reputable online sports bookies. So, if you fancy learning the TOP 3 tips to help you succeed when betting on the games and events you love, please read on.

A Hat-trick of Tips to Lead You to Glory

  • 1: The Accumulative Betting Option

Known as the ‘Acca’, this betting option is a series of bets which string together all your predictions to increase your odds and returns. Placed Acca’s can carry as many as 14 to 21 different bets, relative to which site you join.

Tip number one is to place staggered accumulators. This means you pick 3 smaller accumulators which amount to the highest possible number allowed. So, if you can only place 14 bets on one accumulator, you will, therefore, pick a 5-fold accumulator twice to make it 10 bets and a 4-fold, to total 14 bets placed.

This is insurance betting; meaning you can pick up wins and not be let down by that one game that ruins the whole bet.

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  • 2: In-Play Bets

If you are picking bets, you can still fashion accumulators during a game or at half-time. Our second tip is to place half your bets on half-time predictions before the selective games commence, which do come with higher odds. Secondly, pick your next round of bets at half-time to predict the winner. Again, this is insurance betting, whereby you can gauge the flow of the game during play and have enough stats to help you predict an outcome.

  • 3: Bet on What You Know

Bet smart and only gamble on what you know. If you know your baseball more than your soccer, then don’t mix these up when placing your bets. It’s tempting to put your money on odds-on-favorites across the many games available, but the bookies are never 100% right and teams, no matter how good they are, do not win all their games.

Stick to what you know and make the bet you place count, thusly saving you more money in the long run.

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