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Wild Worlds™: Newest Slot Release from NetEnt is Out Now to Play On

Alistair Edwards 3 May 2019 - 03:45:32
Wild Worlds™ by NetEnt

Not just another ordinary game, no sir. This was picked especially because it’s bringing new and exciting features into the world of online slot machines. We present the new online slot release from NetEnt called Wild Worlds™ and it’s out right now to experience and enjoy.

A Whole New World of Gameplay

This is something to really get excited about. A new NetEnt game, which is quality in itself, but one that comes with brand-new features, THREE to be exact!

Wild Worlds™ is a superhero-themed slot that involves fights, monsters and a heck of a lot of moolah to win. There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s start this right away…

The Destroy Feature: A randomly activated feature that triggers during any non-winning spin. The function is to blow away all but one coloured symbol to help you win and allows for Scatter symbol to remain.

Obtaining 3 Scatter symbols open up a free spin round where you’re rewarded with 8 spins in total.

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The Hero Wilds: If you land a win through a Hero symbol, the remaining symbols matching the same type turn into Wilds to further add more cash into your wins balance

Free Spins World: The game plays through three zones or worlds. The bonus feature comes in the form of a wheel of fortune which selects the world your bonus will play in.

You’ll be transported to one of the following to claim your fortune but only after fighting the Monster of that realm:

  • The Dark Forest: Battle the captain or boss to release more Spreading Wild features.

    Each win and the baddies explode to release more wilds.

  • The Ice World: Defeat the enemy and claim 2 Heavy Wild symbols. Win retain the Heavy Reels for the next spin.
  • Fire Lands: The bad guys are holding Random Wilds, defeat them to pick up between 2 to 4 Random Wilds to expand your wins.

A Huge Heroic Effort from NetEnt

Wild Worlds™ at Casimba Casino

What? You think that’s all there is? No, no. We continue…

Hero Attacks: Powered by the Hero Meter, this feature works by having low and medium win symbols. They activate once the meter is fully charged with 3 Hero Symbol wins.

The special attacks are different between each of the heroes.

  • The Blue Hero has a special power of inflicting 1 damage point to all monsters.
  • The Pink Hero’s special power is to inflict 1 damage point 4 times to random monsters.
  • The Green Hero has the power to inflict 4 damage points to one monster.

Monsters: There are two types of Monsters formed by 3 Captains and the main Boss.

The health points and rewards upon their destruction are as follows.

Captains: 15 health points and issues free spins when defeated.

The Boss: 105 health points, when defeated the player is transported to one of the 3 worlds with 8 free spins!

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