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Boys and their toys: how to host a perfect boys’ night in

Tom Lasten 23 August 2019 - 03:54:42
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No matter what age, boys will always LOVE their toys. While your pretty ladies are out pampering themselves, your man cave is ready to shine, and all your gadgets are good to go. No girls are allowed when boys play, and the only female voice left in the house is your beloved Alexa device. If you are looking for ideas of an insanely bro-tastic night in with your mates, we’re here to help you set this fun adventure in motion. Let’s get it sorted together!

Casino night for thrill-seekers and casino-infused adrenaline junkies

Share your passion for casino thrills with your pals and bring on supreme Vegas entertainment with jaw-dropping progressive and video slots. Online slot games are super fun, and you can select from a great range of dazzling themes and sizzling hot bonuses. Enjoy online casino slots for free or play with real money - you can choose what suits you best!

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For more scrumptious casino delights head to the glamorous casino tables to play roulette, poker and blackjack. Your friends will make the games highly competitive and try to outsmart each other. Be prepared for some new hidden tricks and passionate battles if you really want to win big.

Video games and totally immersive gameplay at Grand Theft Auto Online Casino

Invite your friends to join you and get a good grip of your good old PS4 or Xbox One to travel into a mind-blowing reality of multimillion-dollar experiences at the GTA Online Casino. Play with the richest of the rich without having to spend any cash and be treated like a celebrity

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Together with your most-trusted mates, you will complete quests and challenges and earn enough cash to buy a supercar or even a mega luxurious penthouse overlooking the city. With the sound blasting out of your home theatre and a totally immersive feel of the game, this will definitely be a night to remember.

Whiskey tasting, 3D movie fun and cheesy bites for movie lovers

Select your favourite action movies and get your 3D glasses ready for a blasting night on your comfy couch. Some of the most iconic casino-themed movies like Ocean’s 11 and the Hangover sequel will fill your night with laughs and an irreplaceable sense of brotherhood.

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Of course, all great entertainment can never go without your favourite treats to please your body and soul. Pre-order some classic finger-licking nibbles that will keep you going without distracting you from your games and movies. Go for pizza, cheesy nachos, popcorn, spicy chicken wings and chicken nuggets.

As for the drinks, if beer is not your thing, go for a more refined experience and set up whiskey tasting. Offer a selection of between 3 to 5 premium whiskeys and savour the moment of joy in style!

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