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The Wheels of Fortune are in Motion – That’ Just Evolution

Tom Lasten 20 March 2020 - 07:46:39
Dream Catcher and Monopoly live by Evolution Gaming

Welcome one and welcome all, to another monthly news story that highlights the goings-on within the casino industry that you might not know about. In this month’s round-up is a wake-up call to all those shy of playing Live Casino games, as we discuss the Dream Catcher and Live Monopoly wheels of fortune.

Got to be Spinning it to Be Able to Win it

"These have set the precedent to make ‘game show’ games a real thing within the world of casino."

  • Games: Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live
  • Software: Evolution Gaming
  • Date: Out Now
  • Casino: Playamo

This is for all those too shy to enter into the realms of live gameplay. We know a lot of you out there are far too comfortable hidden away in the darkest recesses of your online casino, content with just playing slot after slot under a lit-up duvet.

We’ve picked something for you which is just as simple to play and just as fun. Head over to Playamo casino today and you will be able to enjoy two new gaming innovations by Evolution Gaming.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Evolution Gaming is the world’s number one live streaming service for online casinos. They account for 90% of all live dealer games inside the casinos all over the globe, from roulette to poker tournaments, they have done, seen and made them all. So, they created others. Two brand new games: one the Dream Catcher and two, Monopoly Live.

Now, we understand that entering a world of live dealers and hosts, with one on one chat isn’t for everyone, but the quality and simplicity of these two games meant they had to be discussed as they are becoming more popular than the traditional card games.

Another Way to Make a ‘Wheelie’ Big Fortune

Both the Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live are games based on the game show favourite Wheel of Fortune. Yes, the wheel has made a comeback!

Now, both games do play with very similar qualities. You bet on a number, the wheel is spun and if you get it right, hey-presto, you win! Now, with the Monopoly game, there is a twist. A 3D-animated game starts, and as you may have guessed, you will get to play this to win more prizes.

Here are the two comparable gaming stats:

Dream Catcher

Gaming stats:

Title: Dream Catcher

RTP%: 90.57% -96.58%

Wagering Limits: $1 to $10

Max Win: $500,000

Monopoly Live

Gaming stats:

Title: Monopoly

RTP%: 91.30% -96.23%

Wagering Limits: $1 to $40

Max Win: $500,000

Along with the new Deal or No Deal game, also made by Evolution Gaming, these have set the precedent to make ‘game show’ games a real thing within the world of casino. The tide seems to definitely be turning on how players get their kicks, so go see why the fuss has been stirred up and give yourself a break from your normal routine.

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