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Casino Cheats through the Ages

Karen Newport 17 April 2020 - 03:37:39
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Ever wondered how some people successfully managed to beat the house? You’d think players wouldn’t be able to get past the dealer’s eagle eyes, but surprisingly, some of them have their ways. In this month’s overview, we discuss the biggest cheats of all time and the best techniques and casino cheats to beat the house.

  • Casino Secrets – Card Counting, Probabilities, Software, Cheating Devices
  • How Casino Master Minds Beat the House – Edward Thorp, Ida Summers, Tommy Glenn Carmichael, Ron Harris.

What’s the Secret to their Success?

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

So, the question is, how did these people manage to win big? One could argue that these people scammed the casino. A fair point, considering some of the people we’ll be referring to actually went through the trouble of creating specific devices or rouge casino equipment. Some were computer masterminds, while others were mathematical geniuses.

And just like that, they managed to get past the dealer and beat the house . Think you’ve got what it takes to the same? Let’s be clear, we’re not encouraging cheating here, but it’s always a good idea to develop a strategy to lessen the house edge.

Biggest Masterminds / Cheats of All Time

It’s time to put a few faces to the names. Let’s take a closer look at the top cheats of all time.

Edward Thorp

Meet the master of card counting. He is regarded as the genius behind the technique players use to decrease the house edge. All he did was remove a single 2 from a standard deck. In this way, players not only lessen the house advantage, but also have more favorable odds.

Ida Summers

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More commonly known as the Vegas Vixen, Ida Summers charmed her way through blackjack games. Summers opted for hand-mucking techniques. In short, she added or removed cards accordingly. Eventually, decks that were shuffled by her were added to the game.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

As opposed to less scandalous techniques (for lack of a better word), Tommy Glenn Carmichael’s monkey paw cheating device, takes the cake. He developed this device, whilst he was locked up in prison for previous cheating scandals.

After he was released, he used this device and also developed the light wand in 1991. If that wasn’t enough, he also sold it to other players and succeeded in earning over $10,000 ad day. By 1995, he started scamming casino cruises, but was finally arrested a year later for the possession and manufacturing of cheating devices.

Ron Harris

We have no words for this one. Initially, Ron Harris worked with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Can you believe that he abused his position as a computer technician to gain access to the programming used for the games at Bally’s Casino in New Jersey? Being part of the board was a bit of a pickle, so he asked Error McNeal to do the job. Nevertheless, McNeal was caught, and Harris was obviously fired.

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