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The Future of the Casino Industry: What Lies Ahead Amidst the Chaos

Tom Lasten 12 June 2020 - 03:42:36
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Following multiple cases of COVID-19, America is not completely out of the woods yet. What’s more, is that the country is facing more issues in light of the death of George Floyd. What does this all mean for the highly anticipated opening of casinos?

  • A State of Unrest – COVID-19, George Floyd, Protests, Riots, Arrests, Violence
  • Reopening Casinos – The situation so far, Business, Embracing a New Normal

A State of Unrest

“While it was different, it was safe, it was fun, and it’s still the Vegas I know.’’

A few months ago, the world had to hit the pause button. Businesses, hotels, casinos, clubs etc. shut down their doors following the growing concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak. Fast forward to June, cases have lessened, and the world is gradually working towards a new normal. Social distancing rules and safety regulations still need to be respected, but things are slowly picking up again. Or are they?

American still faces non-stop unrest. In the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, people took to the streets to voice their concerns over the matter. Protests and riots erupted in the streets; rubber bullets and tear gas were directed towards the people, along with a number of arrests and more violence.

Reopening Casinos

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The question is, where does all this leave us with regard to the future of the casino industry? In light of recent events, Billy Vassiliadis, CEO of R&R Partners decided that it was best to move the reopening date for Vegas from Tuesday 2nd June to Thursday 4th. He felt it was best to show compassion towards what is currently happening in the country.

All things considered, the turnout so far has been somewhat acceptable. In total, Vegas had approximately 106,900 visitors in April; definitely a far cry away from the staggering 3 million back in January and February. Nevertheless, it is expected that business will be booming by Fathers’ Day weekend.

Whilst the air is currently very different from what we are familiar with, casino owners are hopeful. MGM Resorts Acting CEO Bill Hornbuckle remarks that he would be delighted if people looked at this ‘new normal’ casino experience as different, but safe, fun and still the Vegas they know.

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