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GAMES of the Month: Evolution Goes Wild with NINE New Games

Karen Newport 8 July 2020 - 01:50:30

Scrap the news of the bonuses this month, the big headline is that Wildz Casino has just put out NINE new live casino games made by Evolution Gaming! How, What, Where and When is all going to be answered here…. And perhaps we will throw in a little something-something for you when you sign up to join Wildz Casino.

It Now Time to Go Really Wild

Location: Wildz Casino

Country: CA

Bonus: $500 Matched Bonus + 200 Free Spins

Well, where do we begin in telling you that at Wildz Casino, you can play NINE new gaming released by the world’s #1 live streaming developer Evolution Gaming? Suppose that in itself is a good a start as any.

So, this is ground-breaking stuff here. This literally is changing how people approach gaming online now. Correction! This is literally changing how members of Wildz Casino are approaching the games online now.

Live Casino Gaming has just Evolved

[...] "yes, for the first time ever, the game of craps is now 100% live thanks to Evolution’s commitment to be the best there is."

Perspective: Evolution Gaming

It is no exaggeration saying that Evolution Gaming are bar-none, one of the most important online gaming developers there are. If you love live gaming, you have them to thank. If you love playing against live dealers, you have them to thank. Tournaments, live chat, gameshow features and now the release of NINE new games, all made possible and presented to you by Evolution Gaming.

The New Live Casino Games

Let’s be honest, one new game release and most people are immediately giddy and on the floor rolling about with excitement. Two new releases and we go into total meltdown. NINE and we’re well put into a coma through pleasure overload… here are the games that have caused this:

1. Crazy Time

Well, there is only one game that we can really start with...

Looking to be one of the craziest live online casino games that you will ever discover, Crazy Time is Evolution Gaming’s most daring creation thus far.

This game easily boasts the world’s largest wheel of fortune. Crazy Time is a spin-off of their previous production Dreamcatcher, and by the looks of it, plenty of people are going to have their dreams come true.

The game features a total of four bonus rounds. These will trigger after every 6th spin of the mighty wheel. This is pure non-stop entertainment that comes with enormous appeal.

2. Mega Ball

If you’re a lover of Bingo, then Evolution has just made their first studio-based game that will massively attract you, lucky boys and girls.

Mega Ball offers cards that cost from as little as $0.10, up to $100. Each of the bingo cards contains on them 24 numbers in random order. Bets are first placed then 20 balls are then drawn by the game’s presenter. You will mark each one off that matches your own. If you manage to fil a line of 5 numbers, you land a win. The more lines you are able to complete the more you win.

This game comes with its own bonus round also. This is done after the final ball is revealed, first, the Mega Ball multiplier will help you to win between 5x to 100x your wager. Then the Mega Ball drops. Should this ball complete a line for you, then the earnings are yours to take.

3. Instant Roulette

Introducing the world’s fastest live casino roulette game.

This new game includes 12 synchronized auto roulette wheels! These spin constantly throughout the game, therefore, provide you with round after round of results.

This is like a never-ending cycle of roulette and you go from one wheel to the next and by the time you’ve placed even your 4th or 5th bet, your 1st one has come in.

Click the REBET button auto loads your previous bet for faster action and quicker results.

4. First Person Dragon Tiger

wildz casino

This simply oozes Oriental charm, and it is the first of three First Person games released by Evolution, called First Person Dragon Tiger.

This game is played using just two cards: the Dragon card and the Tiger card. All you need to do is pick which card you believe will be the highest one (Ace being the lowest and King being the highest). A ‘Tie’ and a ‘Suited Tie’ are additional side bets that can also be placed.

That’s the game, fast simple and easy to play.

5. First Person Football Studio

Score yourself a win inside the First Person Football Studio. Pick your team from the options and guess which one will receive the highest-scoring card. Guess right and you win, should you draw, however, then this is priced at odds of 11 to 1.

6. First Person Baccarat

The First Person Baccarat game provides an arena of 12 Baccarat tables. This is all about game control, where you can shuffle shoes and adjust tables to help you set your own destiny.

From this point, the normal rules of baccarat apply. Back yourself or the banker with a bet, opt for side bet options at 11 to 1, or a game tie at 8 to 1.

7. Power Blackjack

Taking the dynamics of two already released games blackjack regular and their infinite blackjack game, Power Blackjack is a fusion of both but holds a key difference. After each round, you have a chance of multiplying your winnings. You can double, even treble, or if brave, quadruple your bet with the betting options as a split hand.

Oh yes, it just got interesting!

8. Baccarat Live

Baccarat Live hosts exciting game variants including titles like No Commission Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Lightning Baccarat, Live Baccarat Squeeze, VIP and Salon Privé Baccarat and Live Baccarat Control Squeeze.

Each one of the new games comes with a cool new Baccarat Multi-play feature. This brand-new user interface tool lets you play at multiple live baccarat games simultaneously!

9. Craps Live

Craps Live, yes, for the first time ever, the game of craps is now 100% live thanks to Evolution’s commitment to be the best there is. This now ticks off every traditional and classic casino game that been made and is now available as a live streaming experience. Craps has now bridged that divide and you can now start shooting dice in a whole new realm.

Only at Wildz Casino can You Experience Them ALL

Nothing more really needs to be said. If you want to experience these brand-new game releases, then you only need to join the Wildz Casino and you’re ready to start playing.

To help you out, you can also pick up an Exclusive Welcome Bonus of $500 and 200 free spins, of which, can be used on these games and the thousand others held at Wildz Casino.

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