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The Most Influential Gambling CEOs

Barry Howard 11 September 2020 - 02:03:03
Influential Gambling CEOs

Undoubtedly, the gambling industry has a long and fascinating history. That said, we have to acknowledge some of the most influential people who played an instrumental role in paving the way for the success it enjoys nowadays and helping create the industry that we know and love today.

  • Key Players in the Online Gambling Industry
  • Famous Faces in the Business

Key Players in the Online Gambling Industry

Throughout the years, many people played their part in shaping the iGaming industry into a multi-billion dollar business. Whilst some of them are regarded as pioneers, others don’t get the credit they deserve. Without further ado, here are some famous faces who truly paved the way.

Famous Faces in the Business

From sports betting sites, to software companies, poker platforms and more. Naturally, there are other CEOs who offered their contributions to the iGaming industry, but we’ve got quite the interesting mix with these four individuals.

“Throughout the years, many people played their part in shaping the iGaming industry into a multi-billion dollar business”

Denise Coates

Denise Coates is the brains behind the popular online gambling site Bet 365. This came about when she saw an opportunity for sports betting enthusiasts. Along with her brother John, she serves as the company’s co-CEO. Additionally, she is the majority shareholder with 50.3%. With a $3.5 billion net work, Forbes has listed her as the 52nd richest person in the tech industry. Her entire fortune also makes Coates the 403rd richest person in the world.

Roger Raatgever

Roger Raatgever is the current CEO of none other than Microgaming. Not only did he help the company achieve the success when it first launched in 1994, but he also continued to work closely with the company. Thanks to Raatgever’s passion for the gambling industry and the risks he was willing to take to make it this far, Microgaming is now a multi-billion dollar business. Along with creating top notch slots based on classic themes or blockbuster movies, Raatgever made sure that Microgaming gives back to the community. In fact, he set up the Microgaming Health and Care Trust which was later called PlayItForward. This was the start to other charity projects that were formed in the Isle of Man.

John Aspinall

John Aspinall is a renowned bookmaker and the owner of The Clermont Club – London’s very first casino. Once he obtained all the necessary licenses and paperwork, The Clermont Club was officially open for business in 1962. During its early days, the venue was frequented by upper class people including five dukes, five marquesses, 20 earls and two ministers.

Isai Scheinberg

Isai Scheinberg certainly needs no introduction. His passion for poker allowed him to create one of the most popular online poker sites most of you are surely familiar with PokerStars. With his dedication and the the risks he was willing to take along the way, PokerStars now attracts players from across the globe.


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