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2014 begins in the most beautiful way with Silver Unicorn!

Tom Lasten 21 January 2014 - 00:33:47

Behold a truly fine way to bring in the New Year, now that the publisher Rival Gaming has just released a totally new video slot entitled Silver Unicorn. You can already discover it exclusively on casinos supporting the technology of this developer, such as Vegas Days, Win Palace and MyBet Casino. What, then, does Rival Gaming have in store for us with this title with the enchanting looks? Is the publisher following up on its excellent release in 2013?

Poetry, fantasy and serenity in Silver Unicorn

In the very heart of a forest worthy of the greatest fairly tales lives a strange magical creature. This rare animal with a mythical aura is at the very center of attention and everyone wants to snatch it: it’s a unicorn, the fantastic animal known for its elegance and beauty. Through Silver Unicorn and its five reels and twenty pay lines, you will take part in a crazy adventure alongside Princess Plata and Prince Argent, while they explore the enchanted woods and discover all sorts of secrets and treasures.

“Silver Unicorn resembles art, and you will be rendered speechless once you have unlocked the final level”.

We knew that there was magic in the air during the end-of-year holidays, and Rival Gaming, then, seems once again to have had its gamble pay off. Inspired by multiple masterworks, its new video slot will warm your heart and move you with its poetry and all the serenity that it exudes. The designs and graphics of the game are most beautiful, the music quite soft and lyrical. As for the general ambience of the slot, rarely has it been so touching. Silver Unicorn resembles art, and you will be rendered speechless once you have unlocked the final level.

A veritable rainbow of symbols and bonuses!

Silver Unicorn, more than a slot, it's a fairy tale in images.

On the same model as the fairy tales of our childhood, Silver Unicorn highlights a panoply of symbols that represent enignmatic and colorful characters: trolls, fairies, knights, princes and butterflies… All rise to the challenge and permit miraculous winnings to be unlocked. In effectuating the right winning combinations, you may be able to cause to appear a rainbow, shooting stars or other divine phenomena that finally permit you to meet this famous unicorn which the whole world can’t stop talking about! If you manage to reach this stage of the game, you will gain access to the bonus mini-game of Silver Unicorn and will have to participate in a small challenge involving butterflies. We won’t tell you anything more about it, of course! On that note, happy gaming and an excellent New Year to all our players!

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