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A classic slot machine in French colors presented by Rival Gaming casinos

Tom Lasten 30 June 2014 - 05:38:34

French gamers should be proud! Rival Gaming, the world-renowned game developer has recently launched a classic online slot machine that is everything French. Entitled “Red, White & Blue,” it is a fabulous game of words in which black grapes and white grapes, as well as marbled cheese are featured. Of course, you can play this slot machine game for free in our designated one-armed bandit section. When you see “Red, White & Blue,” your mouth will immediately begin to water! Let the tasting begin!

French gastronomy in the limelight in Red, White & Blue

Just this once, indulge yourself. French cuisine is traditionally one of the most delicious and most refined in the world. There is an abundance of games that feature “made in France” cuisine, yet this game is different. This is noble food, a veritable symbol of our inheritance and of our heritage—which has no equal.

In Red, White & Blue, the new classic slot machine from Rival Gaming studios, white grapes, black grapes and cheese are in the spotlight. And, of course, the baguette is, in fact, there to play the supporting role, but, in the end, this cliché is not so ridiculous: in order to appreciate good cheese, is it not wise to have a little bit of bread handy? And then, with a glass of wine, doesn’t the addition of a little bread make the experience so much better?

“In Red, White & Blue, the new classic slot machine from the Rival Gaming studios, white grapes, black grapes and cheese are in the spotlight.”

Rival Gaming completely understands this fact and proudly pays homage throughout the entire game. It is with a certain pride that you regard the tricolor flag in the background, and nothing will keep you from enjoying Red, White & Blue while sipping one of your best cuvées. Even if you combine business with pleasure and even if the wine ends up going straight to your head, you are free to do whatever you want at your house! As long as no one sees you…

When wine, cheese and good bread earn you points

Grapes, cheese and French bread are well appreciated.

All this to say that Rival Gaming’s new slot machine, which is only composed of three rollers, will definitely awaken your appetite. What’s more, it will not only allow you to escape to a gastronomic world complete with vineyards and cheese shops, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to pocket a maximum of points and prizes. The traditional symbols of one-armed bandits of yesteryear will also make your mouth water. They consist of blue, white or red bars. With a bit of luck, they will be sufficient to make you hit the maximal jackpot in this game, which is for the record 50,000 points. And just like that, you like neither wine nor cheese? Well, it would be high time for you to play! Enjoy the flavors of French food, the most decadent of Supreme Play!

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