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A Touch of French elegance in Macau, the capital of conventional casino games

Tom Lasten 14 May 2014 - 02:08:43

Macao is now the number one global destination for casino games. The small peninsula formerly owned by the Portuguese achieved net profits of over 40 billion U.S. dollars in 2014 prompting a rush among investors to grab a share of the market. However, competition is tough and operators must now be inventive. A new trend has also recently emerged in Macau in the form of French gambling establishments. Additional information is provided below.

Lisboa Palace and The Parisian, two french inspired casinos

Construction projects involving French casinos have started to become a regular occurrence in Macau. Business magnate Stanley Ho has plans to open a huge games complex named Lisboa Palace through his company SJM Holdings. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, Lisboa Palace will be much larger than the historic French monument. Macau is a city of excess outstripping even Las Vegas, and all contractors hope to possess a bigger turn than its competitors. Another billionaire the very fierce Sheldon Adelson and legendary owner of the Las Vegas Sands, hopes to erect The Parisian in 2015. It is another casino -resort with an estimated value of 2.5 billion USD and is expected to feature a thousand lights and uniquely include a slightly smaller version of the Eiffel Tower. France seems to be a source of inspiration for foreign investors seeking to make a fortune in Macau.

“France’s reputation for charm and elegance beyond its borders is a key asset for those who wish to make use of its image abroad”.

It must be noted that France has an excellent reputation worldwide. "Customers and Chinese players see Europe, and especially France, as favourite destinations," revealed an analyst working in Macau. France’s reputation for charm and elegance beyond its borders is a key asset for those who wish to make use of its image abroad. While casinos are often associated with vice, addiction, money or even prostitution, this French touch should carry them to a new dimension which is much softer, sober and elegant.

The battle of two titans already announced

While the construction of The Parisian already represents astronomical cost, Lisboa Palace could go even further: it has been estimated by architects at over $3. 8 billion. It must be noted that the games complex of SJM Holdings will contain three hotels with a total of 2,500 rooms as well as shopping centers and theaters. The tapestry of the casino will be largely based on the Louvre and the Monte Carlo Casino. The two institutions will also compete in terms of entertainment: with both offering no less than 700 table games and a thousand slot machines!

If it is impossible to even guess which of the two French styled complexes will win a larger share of the market, there is no doubt that the French culture is very " lucrative " in China and Macau. Isn’t France the world's top tourist destination? This is at least what our friend Estime analyst Grant Govertsen believes. He also believes that its image has not deteriorated due to the financial crisis, but has been enhanced. He also stated that “France must rely on tourism to pull through because it has the potential to do so."

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