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Atari prepares to enter the online betting game industry in collaboration with Pariplay

Tom Lasten 14 May 2014 - 02:08:43

Right now when the Xbox One and the PS4 are selling like hotcakes, it would seem that the origins of video games have been forgotten. Atari, a pioneer in this sector was one of the first companies to produce arcade terminals and computers. News has just been released of its decision to participate in virtual gaming industry! As part of this endeavour, it has selected Pariplay as its partner of choice and its advent in the industry is widely considered to be a sensational and historic event.

Atari, a future star in the online betting game industry

Atari, the renowned North American company founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney and a pioneer in the video game industry is expected to make an entrance into the online betting game industry. The company behind the creation of video games such as Battle zone, Pong, Star Wars and Vinticators has teamed with the software provider Pariplay in the aim of producing new games. According to our information, Atari will provide table and mobile games as well as lottery online games.

“Atari’s new website will become active during the fourth trimester of the year and will feature future releases”.

Atari’s new website will become active during the fourth trimester of the year and will feature future releases. It will also provide all the games which it has previously released since its creation in 1972, including Asteroids, Tempest and Missile Command. The software provider Pariplay will distribute its games across its network making it possible for numerous virtual game providers to be able to integrate its video game portfolio on their own websites. According to Fred Chesnais, the president of Atari, the company’s decision to enter into partnership with Pariplay was due to: “its expertise in the online betting game industry and its ability to create innovative and stable platforms.” As for Pariplay, itself, the opportunity to enter into partnership with Atari was too good to miss, due to Atari’s status as a pioneer in the video games sector and as a provider of highly popular game releases which have enthralled several generations of video game fans.

Atari, practically a French company!

It is worth noting that Atari was purchased by the French group Infogrames in 2008. Both companies were then merged although Atari remains almost completely French. On the 21st of January, 2013, its American subsidiaries, including Atari Inc. Atari Interactive Inc., Humongous and California U.S. Holdings Inc. filed for bankruptcy, breaking all ties with the French parent company, which has since been on the lookout for new shareholders. However, Atari seems to have found the perfect solution to revive its finances: the virtual gaming industry. Its partnership with Pariplay is a symbol of hope for its French directors, especially since their collaborator has been acquired by the U.S. publisher Majesco Entertainment Company, which has itself merged with ORID. The new organization is highly specialized in the development of casino games, which Atari intends to benefit from.

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