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BetCoin™ Network introduces a slot machine accepting virtual money

Tom Lasten 21 January 2014 - 00:33:47

While last year European powers like Germany took preemptive measures to recognize Bitcoin as official currency, the entertainment network behind BetCoin™ Casino has just announced the imminent launch of a slot machine that will accept the virtual currency exclusively. This game, which will be available in a HTML5 version, is quite simply the first of its kind to support Litecoin payments, a decentralized and open-source electronic currency. Payments in cash, will they soon be ended?

BetCoin™ and Bitcoin take a giant step

The group that owns BetCoin™ Casino recently announced that it will very soon be introducing a new and exclusive online slot machine that will accept Bitcoin currency. Accessible from all mobile terminals, including smartphones and tablets, the slot will enable users to win a thousand times the amount of their initial investment. But the real innovation here is not merely about a simple winning potential: in fact, the slot in question will be the first of its kind to accept Litecoin credits. Based on the same protocol as Bitcoin, Litecoin consists of an electronic currency that can be transferred anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second. In reality, without wanting to use metaphors, Litecoin permits faster transactions than Bitcoin, as it has an average block rate of 2.5 minutes.

“Our development teams are working on a large number of other HTML5 games that will all support a wide range of alternative currencies, such as Litecoin”.

According to James Mason, one of the masterminds of BetCoin™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network, all of the group’s video game platforms are in the process of being updated, so that Litecoin-type payment solutions can be offered to customers who already own Bitcoins. “Our development teams are working on a large number of other HTML5 games that will all support a wide range of alternative currencies, such as Litecoin”. That is to say that the revolution is advancing alongside BetCoin™, which is firmly committed to implanting its new model over the four corners of the earth.

The astonishing success of BetCoin™ casinos

In 2013 the gaming rooms belonging to BetCoin™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network met with enormous success, to such an extent that the network announced that attractive prices available in Bitcoins would soon be offered by lottery on all of its sites. Up to now, the brands of the BetCoin™ network such as BetCoin Circle, BetCoin Dice and BetCoin Casino have permitted internet users to win up to 109.4 million euros with their favorite games. More than 1,200 Bitcoin lots were even distributed via the BetCoin™ network over the last four months, equating to a total of 1.5 million euros in winnings.

New users now have the ability to download a Bitcoin electronic wallet for free. In registering with BetCoin Connect, they can even receive credit with no conditions or commitment. And what if Bitcoin were to impose itself as the predominant payment method of the 21st century?.

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