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Ex-Betsson Affiliate Manager Accused of €153k Theft

Tom Lasten 1 December 2015 - 23:18:08

Former Betsson AB employee Christiaan Alexander Van Dalen appeared in a Maltese court last week facing several charges including fraud and money laundering from his previous employers.

Van Dalen worked as an affiliate manager at Betsson where he’s accused of ‘retagging’ high value clients as his own, thus being awarded a percentage of their losses as commission.

The court went onto hear how Van Dalen, a Dutch national living and working in Malta, allegedly diverted €35,000 in funds to a bank account held by his wife in the Philippines. Prosecutors believe this cash was used to purchase properties in the Philippines and possibly elsewhere.

The couple have had their assets frozen, with the court making it clear that his wife’s accounts were under Van Dalen’s control and therefore frozen as part of the ongoing investigation. Van Dalen’s personal accounts were frozen in order to stop any attempts to transfer property ownership.

The court has also instructed that Van Dalen shall not be given access to a computer or device that could enable him to tamper with online financial records whilst in custody.

What is ‘retagging’?

Retagging is the act of claiming an affiliate referral as your own by tagging the original referral with your own affiliate identifiers.

This would lead to the company paying you commission on your referrals instead of the original referrer, with the potential to make thousands of euros in the process.

Betsson Affiliates Worry About Impact

In light of recent events, existing Betsson affiliates have been left wondering if their own revenues have been affected by this.

A Betsson employee allegedly informed one affiliate that the ‘powers that be’ were convinced the impact of Van Dalen’s alleged crimes were minimal, however the general consensus is still one of suspicion until all the case is heard.

Judge Charmaine Galea has ordered Van Dalen to be remanded in custody without bail pending further investigations. Van Dalen has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The case continues.

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