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The Top 5 Online Slots Based on Famous Video Games!

Tom Lasten 9 October 2015 - 09:58:06

As the video game industry approaches what will soon be its 60th birthday, there are many parallels that can be drawn between the world of more traditional video games and that of online casino games. The two worlds collide regularly, often you find them bleeding through into one another through branded casino games or, for example, when popular casino games like slots and video poker appear as sub games or bonus levels in video game titles. This is likely to be of course because many software developers these days grew up on a steady diet of the most popular video games like Super Mario Bros, Halo and the Grand Theft Auto series of games. It’s probably the reason they got into developing online casino games in the first place as we doubt any of them were hardcore casino players in their very early youth, though you never know!

At Casino Bonuses, some of us love video games as much as we do online casino games so we thought it would be both fun and interesting to put together a list of the Top 5 online slots that are based on famous video games. No matter your personal persuasion, there’s something here for all gaming aficionados to enjoy!

5. Silent Hill®

Legendary publishers Konami released this survival/horror game way back in 1999 and it was an instant hit, hailed as one of the scariest video games of all time. As the years passed it was adapted to many genres including films, cartoons plus countless toys and video game sequels. For all the horror loving casino games players lucky enough to live in Japan, you will be happy (or terrified) to hear that Konami has released its very own Silent Hill pachislot! Quite a brave leap from the publishers best known for their action packed Metal Gear series. Fans will also be pleased to hear it features a story based upon the as yet unreleased game ‘Silent Hills’ which is a joint effort between video games legend Hideo Kojima and producer/director Guillermo del Toro.

4. Call of Duty®

Just admit it, we’ve all thrown our controllers at the screen in disgust after getting headshot for the millionth time by that annoying American kid who just spawn camps you mercilessly the entire game. There is a solution now though, Activision’s legendary first person shooter, Call of Duty has been converted into an exciting and frenetic slot experience by none other than casino game heavyweights Amaya Gaming. Don’t worry though, your lust for blood will still be readily satisfied as you collect enemy flags and chain head shots while burning through credits on this fantastic online slot adventure. Best thing about playing this version? No annoying kids around to call you a noob every time you lose!

3. South Park™

Although not strictly a video game considering South Park is probably the greatest animated series of our generation, The South Park series of slots remain in our eyes, some of the best examples of how well you can cross genres to produce exciting and truly memorable games. There have been many successful video games that bear the South Park trademark but the video slot versions of South Park are some the craziest and feature filled online slots you will ever play. All the usual toilet grade humour is present throughout the slot titles, and the gang have new stories based off existing episodes. If you’re fans of South Park then you’ll find yourself crying with laughter as you spin the reels and help the South Park boy’s complete their crazy missions.

2. Hitman™

A favourite of ours at Casino Bonuses, this famous video game has made it onto the big screen, countless sequels and now casino gaming titans Microgaming have created their own crazy online slot version of the Eidos masterpiece as well. Needless to say we were instantly hooked on this slot game given our penchant for the original, and with the new film Agent 47 set to hit the cinemas soon, this new slot is less of a ‘cash in’ than it is a cash out. You have the chance to earn big money without having to assassinate anyone for real (thankfully), follow the exciting story and spin the reels for a chance to win a small fortune.

1. Tomb Raider™

Occupying the number one spot on our list is quite literally a video game hall of famer. Introducing Miss Lara Croft, the sinfully sexy and the super intelligent lead character from the video game smash hit Tomb Raider. Now she’s made her way into the online slot world via developers Microgaming and the marriage between the two brands has been nothing short of a roaring success. The online slot invokes all the charm, wit and sensuality of the original game and you will quite happily spend hours spinning the reels, discovering new relics while chasing an even more precious prize, the huge jackpot that’s attached to the slot game.

Which of these would you choose as your number 1? All of them have fantastic features and bonus games, which comes as no surprise considering the developers behind them. If you’re ready for some high octane slot action why not have a few spins on all these games with some exclusive bonuses from one of our Top 10 Casinos for October 2015!

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