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Light and Zen on Net Entertainment’s New Video Slot Machine!

Tom Lasten 30 June 2014 - 05:38:37

Are crises, work and stress having harmful effects on your mind and your health? Thanks to the new video slot machine from the brilliant software developers at Net Entertainment you will be able to save money on a good number of your expenses and say good bye to the psychologist or to the therapist. Lights™ is actually a pretty Zen game that will help you to enjoy the benefits of relaxation. Live in harmony and bring peace to your soul with the help of this ultra-soothing new video slot machine from our Scandinavian developer.

A Relaxing Session with Net Entertainment

Lights™, the most recent video slot machine created by Net Entertainment, is already available in certain online French casinos such as Tropezia Palace. This game, which combines five rollers and nine lines of payment is, as you will see, very hypnotic and transports us to a harmonious land where a certain peace and serenity abide. Because finding inner fulfillment is not easy in a society of excess and superficiality that corrupts our spirits, you have every right to let yourself be soothed by the soft melodies of this game with its Asiatic atmosphere. It can even be said that the design that it features recreates the décor of the Indochinese plains. Lights™ will help you to be at peace with yourself or, at the very least, will allow you to spend a delightful moment far away from the noise and pollution of modern life. Simply put, Net Entertainment invites you to escape from your cares and worries to a world where contentedness and well-being reign supreme.

“Net Entertainment invites you to get away from the worries of the world and enter a land of goodness and well-being.”

Even if you believe that inner peace and material gain are two incompatible notions, Net Entertainment has taken it upon itself to make a small exception to the rule. For this reason, Lights™ offers really attractive bonuses, such as free tours and Wild symbols capable of remaining suspended in order to help the users accumulate supplementary winnings. What more could you ask for? An immersive getaway in a fabulous twilight land in the wild, which, in addition, allows you to earn a maximal profit? There is surely nothing better than this offered at present.

Poetry and realism through an ideal medium

Forget about your cares and relax with the Lights™ slot machine.

If there is another thing that hits you while playing Lights™, it’s the exceptional realism that is highlighted by the software producer. But the slot machine is not lacking in poetry or, as we would prefer to call it, enchantment. The little fireflies, which light up the screen with a charming glow, will give you, at times, the feeling of moving through a fanciful tale. And as one of the directors of the Scandinavian gaming software development society says, “Gamers will jump for joy when they discover this game with its beautiful graphics and sublime animation. Lights™ combines the best of our expertise and our technology, and we have made sure that it will be unforgettable.” In saying this, Mr. Simon Hammon, the Head of production at Net Entertainment, couldn’t have spoken truer words. Because we ourselves were astonished as well.

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