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Shine bright like a diamond with NetEnt’s new online slot Dazzle Me™

Tom Lasten 26 August 2015 - 10:37:59

We’ve been waiting patiently since they announced it and finally this week saw the release of the newest NetEnt video slot, Dazzle Me™. We’re always excited when there’s a new NetEnt online slot being released, mostly because there’s such high expectations put on each one and so far in the past NetEnt have never failed to deliver with their amazing line of games. Dazzle Me™ looks to have a few new tricks up its sleeve, most notably the non-conventional reel layout which we will delve deeper into later and some super strong bonus features. With recent titles such as Sparks™ and Neon Staxx™, NetEnt set the bar very high, building on their recent trend of stunning new slots which have had online casino players raving at how fluid and imaginative they are. Let’s take a look at NetEnt’s Dazzle Me™ in closer detail.

Blinded by the light

“The bonus features really add to the gameplay, for example Dazzling Wild Reels is a great twist on an old theme and the inclusion of the Linked Reels bonus feature was a great choice for this type of quirky slot.”

The main theme surrounding Dazzle Me™ is one of precious gems and jewels and the simple reels are adorned with all sorts of different types of precious stone themed icons alongside the even more super traditional slot icons such as 7’s, bells and free spins which all carry the same motif so as to fit the overall theme and look of this game. The sound FX and in game music are an example of what we’ve come to expect from NetEnt; simple and catchy, adding value to the game overall but never overshadowing the gameplay.

Things get interesting here as we introduce the layout of the game itself. Dazzle Me™ is a 5 reel slot that features 76 pay lines. That’s odd we hear you say? Well it would be if the game didn’t have its own unique reel layout, here’s how it works. The first two reels feature 3 symbols each; the third and fourth reels feature 4 symbols a piece while the fifth and final reel features 5 symbols. This opens up numerous possible combinations all over the reels and you can win up to $4000 on a pay line which can soon add up to a small fortune.

Dazzling gameplay and flawless features

Bets start at $2 and go all the way up to $200 and can all be controlled via the games interface which is easy to use. Having a unique layout is not all that this slot has going for it as it also includes some amazing bonus features under the hood. Everybody loves wilds and Dazzle Me™ features Dazzling Wild Reels which randomly turn an entire reel into identical wild symbols. This in turn will complete whichever winning pay lines were possible before the wilds appeared. How many wilds appear depends on the size of the reel they appear on, but they can also appear on multiple reels simultaneously, which means there’s also the chance to fill the entire reels with wilds.

The second big bonus feature is called Linked Reels and NetEnt fans may remember this type of feature was available on their Twin Spins™ online slot game. When this feature is activated, two reels will link together to show exactly the same symbols on both reels. This has the potential to score some huge wins as more identical symbols equal more pay lines and even bigger wins. The last game feature is the more traditional free spins bonus that we all love. All you need to do to activate this is land 4 free spins symbols and as your reward you’ll receive 12 free spins.

Diamonds are forever

From the first few spins it’s fair to say that this slot is unique and has a great theme and crazy layout. It’s this kind of novelty that makes a good slot game in our opinion, as slot clone after slot clone get released by other software developers, NetEnt continue to innovate with fresh ideas on an already saturated theme and prove that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Although at first the reel layout could potentially confuse some players, we think you’ll settle into it quite quickly because it all works and plays very logically. The bonus features really add to the gameplay, for example Dazzling Wild Reels is a great twist on an old theme and the inclusion of the Linked Reels bonus feature was a great choice for this type of quirky slot.

As we mentioned earlier this game is available on NetEnt’s Touch™ mobile gaming platform. We played it on the office iPad and have to say it translates extremely well, with no loss in quality or overall experience. As a quick test we also played it on iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy and both were extremely smooth and pleasurable in much the same way as the tablet experience.

Dazzle Me™ has the potential for huge wins and some really uniquely fun features that all tie in together to create a refreshing online slot experience. It’s a true testament to the imagination and creativity of the NetEnt team and this is the type of slot game that will have you playing it again and again.

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