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Paysafecard, the global digital wallet, expands its presence in Europe

Tom Lasten 30 June 2014 - 05:38:33

Paysafecard, the widely used method of payment, which represents an ideal and cost-effective alternative to traditional Blue Cards for making payments in online casinos, is in the process of significantly increasing its presence in Europe. The provider of this prepaid payment system is indeed pursuing its expansion around the Mediterranean Basin and recently launched a new product baptized “My Paysafecard.”

Paysafecard secures its presence in Croatia

If the Paysafecard method of payment has been offered in Spain, Italy and Greece for a long time, the issuing financial company has shown a particular interest in another country in the south of Europe that may not be as well-known as others: Croatia. Available in this region since 2012, the unprecedented product launch of “My Paysafecard” in Zagreb and the surrounding areas will soon allow this financial organization to consolidate its presence in this key market on the Old Continent. This brand new system allows consumers to manage all of their purchases and withdrawals from one sole account. In addition to this exceptionally comprehensive management tool, Croatian gamers will have access to the “My Plus” loyalty program, which has been available to French and British gamers for a long time.

“Implemented by Paysafecard, this new loyalty program has been available in more than twenty-seven countries all around the world since April 2, 2014.”

Developed and implemented by Paysafecard, this new loyalty program has been available in more than twenty-seven countries all around the world since April 2, 2014. The CEO of Paysafecard, Mr. Udo Müller, incidentally explained the efforts of the company and its desire to improve its image abroad: “We are doing everything in our power in order to offer our Paysafecard in all four corners of the world. Now that it is offered to the Croatian population, we feel we are getting closer to our goal.”

My Plus, a groundbreaking rewards program!

As explained above, Paysafecard has officially launched its new product “My Plus” in early April. “My Plus” is a new and improved loyalty program that is linked to the user’s online account and allows users to access their transaction histories and to manage their purchases. “My Plus” allows users to accumulate points each time a transaction is processed. The Paysafecard numbered account holders also have the option of bypassing loyalty levels according to how often they use their accounts. The higher their level of usage, the more they will receive complimentary rewards, and the more “Plus” points can be exchanged for prizes and gifts at any time.

It has now been several years since Paysafecard has been operational. Over time, we have come to know the expectations of consumers and, every day, we are sure to offer them products that satisfy their needs,” emphasized Mr. Udo Müller. It must be understood that this move is especially groundbreaking since implementing loyalty programs is not commonly practiced among providers of prepaid payment methods.

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