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Playtech launches ‘iWatch’ sports betting app: will this innovation affect the casino industry?

Tom Lasten 12 May 2015 - 04:50:46

We all know that Apple Watch is the future of wearable smartwatch tech. In fact, early sales indicate that as many as 957,000 people bought the watch in the U.S alone upon its release 2 weeks ago! This has not gone unnoticed by key players in the industry. Software editor Playtech which provides online casinos like William Hill and Ladbrokes with gaming solutions have launched iWatch, a sports betting app available to all its licensees.

App Overview

The app allows Apple Watch owners to place bets, browse sporting event data, scan quickly through promotion updates, instantly cash out and receive alerts via technology linked to a user’s iOS mobile betting application. The implications of this kind of tech are huge and could have a massive knock on effect if smartwatches catch on in the betting industry. The smartwatch could open up channels for online and land based casino operators to really connect with their customers.

How could it work for casinos?

Imagine the setting, you have your casino operator app installed on your phone and check yourself into the casino via your linked smartwatch. Upon entry, you begin to receive live table and tournament updates as well as updates from the dealer straight to your wearable during games. You’re able to access all the game rules at the touch of a button as well as a map of the casino floor with your current position. You could use the watch to buy chips during play and have the use of a digitally linked wallet to collect your winnings for cashing out later.

“The myriad of possibilities for enhancing both land based and online casino gameplay are endless and we’re only just scratching the surface here”.

For online casinos the uses are varied as both the online operator and the games creators can deliver data to the user to enhance the experience. Imagine extra in game bonus features that are game or operator specific, allowing you to use the touch screen as part of slot or table gameplay. Information on exclusive deposit bonuses delivered straight to your wearable as well as blind timers, tournament registration details, game alerts and reminders.

The future looks wearable

The myriad of possibilities for enhancing both land based and online casino gameplay are endless and we’re only just scratching the surface here, for example we haven’t even touched on motion sensor capabilities but this is such an interesting and multi-faceted prospect for the future of gambling.

Mobile based casino gaming already achieved 16% of the total market revenue in 2014 and is set to steadily increase over the next few years as we turn to our mobile devices increasingly day by day through further integration with infrastructure and commerce. As a direct result of their power and application, smartwatches become way more than just a fashion statement, these wearable interfaces could become a key tool as a way of greatly enhancing user experience in both land based and online casinos in the immediate future.

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