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Rival Gaming pays homage to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci in a new game

Tom Lasten 12 November 2014 - 06:32:04

At a time when many players are preparing to celebrate Halloween, developers have been somewhat tight-fisted where horror themed games are concerned. Only one editor has taken advantage of the month of October to bring itself into the spotlight: Rival Gaming. But this fall, users should not expect to meet witches, ghosts or zombies. Rather than the terror that feeds the Day of the Dead it is a man of universal spirit who has made the front page of online gambling news. Leonardo da Vinci himself!

A talented individual in place of Halloween’s customary pumpkin

As October 31 approaches, we usually look forward to wandering the streets at night dressed as vampires and other infamous monsters. But this year, it is not the faint light given off by a handful of giant pumpkins that will guide your steps. Rather, you will be irradiated by the science of a character whose genius touched humanity. A true symbol of the Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci is a model that revolutionized every aspect of history: the arts, anatomy, engineering, architecture, botany, music, poetry and literature. A humanist philosopher and polymath, the Florentine has been the subject of numerous books and stories. Rival Gaming has also decided to do the same. Its video slot Leonardo's Loot ™, which consists of 5 reels and 50 pay lines, is a tribute to the remarkable accomplishments of the Father of progress and science.

“In Leonardo's Loot ™, players will unlock the mysteries of the man who brought two of the most fabulous paintings that the world has ever known to light: the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.”

In Leonardo's Loot ™, players will unlock the mysteries of the man who created two of the most fabulous paintings that the world has ever known: the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. The provider’s video slot machine transports players into the heart of Leonardo's studio where they will find all the tools that enabled the renowned inventor to develop his finest inventions. A host of other treasures will also be revealed to them: precious stones, miniature masterpieces, vintage wine and also the Italian inventor’s famous western lute, a musical instrument that he significantly improved during the Renaissance.

A smiling and beneficent Mona Lisa

In Leonardo’s Loot™ players will have the opportunity to meet the sublime Mona Lisa

Although Leonardo da Vinci’s paint palette serves as a wild symbol and gears will allow users to unlock up to ten additional free spins, a funny mystery seems to surround the smiling young woman that you can also see in the image below. She is probably the famous Mona Lisa who inspired Leonardo da Vinci to create the well-known painting. Known for her half-smile, the young woman is much more expressive in Rival Gaming’s video slot machine game. Her joy is free and spontaneous and might even enable you to win the game’s jackpot!

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