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SiGMA - Summit of iGaming Malta 2015

Tom Lasten 3 November 2015 - 04:07:11

The 2015 edition of the Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) will be in full swing this week and the whole industry is buzzing for what will be the second instalment of iGaming’s newest conference. Last year’s debut proved very successful and the freshman iGaming expo gained a huge amount of support very rapidly from the iGaming community, creating what is now seen as a vital industry experience.

Hosted at the InterContinental Hotel and InterContinental Bay Arena, on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, SiGMA will run from Wednesday the 4th until Saturday the 7th of November 2015. It plays host to delegates from all over the world and sees 3 distinct sectors of the gambling industry – Operators, B2B and Affiliates –, coming together under one roof to share key ideas and practices as well as collectively approaching issues that affect the iGaming industry. The conference also gives an opportunity for companies to showcase their latest technology and software, bringing new ideas to the table and promoting new business.

SiGMA 2015. Bigger, Better?

This year’s instalment will look to improve on 2014’s debut by restructuring the schedule slightly into four main conferences as opposed to last year’s 2 conferences that ran parallel with each other. The idea for the change came from the energetic duo behind SiGMA, Eman Pulis and Dennis Dyhr-Hansen. After the roaring success of SiGMA 2014, the two organizers decided to iron out any creases in execution and came up with this slightly altered format to improve the flow and value of the event on the whole.

“Exciting new ideas and exclusive deals are born at conferences like these and SiGMA is no exception”.

This format allows attendees to experience all the speakers and workshops if they should choose to. While last year was a case of choosing what was most important and inevitably having to miss certain presentations on account of this, both Pulis and Dyhr-Hansen clearly understood how important it is that delegates get the most out of their experience, so this should be a very positive change for all attendees this year.

Aside of the networking drinks and the excellent poker tournament, the conferences and seminars themselves will run as follows. The first set of conferences will start on Day 2 of the event (Nov 5th 2015). Conferences 1 and 2 will run from 09:00 all the way through until 18:15 and are scheduled as follows:

1. (09:00 - 13:00) Gamification – This conference will touch upon engaging new generations of players, how to build loyalty, emerging trends within sports betting, gaming analysis and software provision.

2. (14:30 - 18:15) Affiliates and SEO - Conference 2 will allow for affiliates to gain knowledge from industry experts including live website auditing and Q&A’s, how to deal with emerging trends in different gaming sectors. Social media application for the gambling industry, email marketing and CPC secrets as well as plenty of networking opportunities.

The second set of conferences will commence on Day 3 (Nov 6th 2015). Conferences 3 and 4 will start an hour later than the previous day, from 10:00 until 18:15 and are scheduled as follows:

3. (10:00 - 13:30) Payments, Anti-Fraud, Security and Bitcoin– This particular conference will focus on the potential use for crypto currencies in iGaming, how to boost your sales and beat fraud as well as the risk involved with operating payment systems and what solutions are available to counter these risks directly.

4. (14:30 - 18:15) Regulatory Update - The fourth and final conference will look at many aspects of regulation in the industry such as remote gaming, business insights into newly regulated markets as well as direct threats to the sports industry such as match fixing and how to deal with compliance changes in the regulatory environment in Europe.

Key Speakers in Attendance

We’re very excited about this year’s schedule on the whole and the conference will see some key industry figures in attendance. From a speaker’s perspective it’s a varied mix of professionals, not only from within the industry itself but also from the business services industry who play a very big part in providing supporting services to iGaming as a whole.

Key speakers from the industry include Alexia Smilovic from NetEnt, Monroe Schmidt from Amaya Gaming and Razmus Svenningson from Casumo. From outside the industry itself, notable speakers include Michael Darmanin from communications company Melita, Head of Organic Acquisition Lukasz Zelezny from UK utilities comparison site, top SEO consultant Fili Wiese and Russell Mifsud from the big 4 audit firm KPMG.

Also speaking on a range of issues will be members of the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) and Ministers from the Maltese Government itself. Speakers such as Maltese MP for Economic Growth Hon. Dr. Jose Herrera, MGA Executive Chairman Joseph Cuschieri and MGA Head of EU & International Affairs Corinne Gatt will share their expertise on regulatory matters, giving operators the chance to gain valuable insight on policy and practise.

Work Hard, Party Harder!

With a reputation as one of the party capitals of Europe, Malta provides the perfect setting for the recreational side to the conference. The 2014 debut was a riotous mix of business and networking, all underpinned by carefully planned entertainment across the event. To start this year’s proceedings delegates will be treated to welcome drinks and an exciting ice breaking poker tournament. You’ll find scheduled networking events such as evening drinks dotted around at various times throughout the duration of the conference and, if last year was anything to go by, the SiGMA closing party will be an all star gathering, awash with the who’s who of iGaming and represents a truly classy finish to what looks to be an amazing event.

Looking Ahead to SiGMA 2015

SiGMA 2015 may only be the conferences second year in existence but it’s gearing up to be an extremely impressive occasion on all fronts. There is a genuine sense of excitement and optimism surrounding the conference because delegates know that this event could help shape their business and give them valuable insight into previously unknown areas. Exciting new ideas and exclusive deals are born at conferences like these and SiGMA is no exception. With 98% of last years’ exhibitors returning this year, it gives further credence to the impact that SiGMA had on the industry even in its first year.

In this ever changing industry, SiGMA looks to promote harmony and growth across the iGaming business as a whole. It will go a long way to helping to identify and build upon key trends within various markets, alongside better understanding of industry regulations and how they can benefit both consumers and operators. It will also be of benefit to smaller companies, allowing them to see the potential for growth and make all the necessary contacts to facilitate moving their business up to the next level.

The SiGMA conference will take place at the InterContinental Hotel and InterContinental Bay Arena in Malta from Wednesday the 4th until Saturday the 7th of November 2015. For tickets and further information please visit the Summit of iGaming Malta website.

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