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Spintopia: the range of sensational new mobile slot machine games

Tom Lasten 10 February 2015 - 10:36:13

After a limited release in certain regions, the casino Win2day and OpenWager its games provider are now launching their new range of highly anticipated games, Spintopia for mobiles. Spintopia is a combination of slot machines and treasure hunts. Several slots are available and users will be able to communicate with other players through the social feature of the games. To learn more about this new range of games follow us throughout this article.

A new gaming experience

Welcome to the magical park of Spintopia! The casino operator Win2day, which operates with OpenWager technology, has launched one of the most comprehensive ranges of slot machine games for mobiles at the moment. The US games provider is recognized for its ability to develop a more social game and has made a difference in the mobile casino games sector. This was clearly seen by the German casino operator Win2day since the announcement of the new range of games was highly anticipated by players. The chief executive of OpenWager group spoke about the release of its new range of products, ‘We are delighted to partner with Win2day to give life to Spintopia. Players will be able to enjoy a more compelling gaming experience at the new social casino. We firmly believe that this unique offering will strengthen Win2day in building a revenue stream on mobile and social platforms. All, to maximize the fidelity of slot machines fans.’

‘We are delighted to partner with Win2day to give life to Spintopia. Players will be able to enjoy a more compelling gaming experience at the new social casino.’ The CEO of OpenWager.

Players will now have access to 8 slot machine games based on a magical theme which will take them right back to their childhood. These games include: a slot machine game with a theme based on a frigid arctic landscape populated by penguins, a slot machine game with an enchanted forest as its backdrop and a slot machine game inspired by a medieval castle. If you feel these themes are for you, we invite you to follow us in the next section to learn more about the functional and promotional aspects of these slots.

Characteristics and Social features

Players will be able to customize their gaming experiences on each slot machine and this will notably include having the ability to change the amount of their bet for each spin or switch to auto-spin for a specific period of time. Each machine is provided with a number of levels to be achieved, which may be unlocked by receiving specific symbols on its reels. We also announced that players will also get to participate in a treasure hunt, in our introductory part of this article. In order to complete this game, you will need to play on every machine at least once. Throughout the game, you will unlock levels and receive rewards in the form of power-ups, which will enable you to earn free spins or to double your winnings, or chips, which will be useful in continuing your quest. Players will also have the option of purchasing power-ups directly with real money. Finally, the social aspect of the games is also perfect and players will be able to send free gifts to other users as well as private messages. This is a fairly innovative concept, which also has a social aspect. OpenWager and Win2day were right for the beginning of the year and are extremely excited to follow the progress of this ambitious project!

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