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Stickers™: The breathtakingly beautiful slot game from NetEnt!

Tom Lasten 22 May 2015 - 04:49:09

It’s been a few weeks now since Stickers™ was announced by NetEnt and finally the newest addition to the NetEnt stable of slot games has arrived kicking and screaming in all its multi coloured glory. There’s been quite a buzz surrounding this game, mostly due to the fact it’s been billed as a throwback to a more trad-era of slot gaming, but also because what we’ve been allowed to see visually of the game beforehand was simple yet beautifully designed. We take a look at NetEnt’s new release to see if they’ve hit the jackpot again with their latest online slot offering.

Sticking to what you know

Stickers follows a traditional slot format, albeit with a slight twist on the normal theme. It has 5 reels with 20 pay lines and you can play from as little as £0.20 all the way up to £200 a spin. While it lacks the normal free spins features found in most slot games, drawing similarities to other popular NetEnt games like Starburst™ for example, It does have features like ‘Sticky Wilds’ and ‘Sticky Spins’.

Visually this game is nothing short of stunning. Developed in HTML 5, Stickers features traditional fruit styled slot symbols brought to life by a vivid colour scheme and framed by a simple yet colourful ‘out of focus’ backdrop, keeping your attention firmly on the reels. The soundtrack is very cool, it sets the tone while you simply relax and play, not taking anything away from the visual experience, but complimenting it fully with some explosive sound effects.

“Simplicity is the key here, it’s not over complicated or fussy in terms of gameplay or features and we’re sure that it will draw in a massive surge of new players for these two reasons alone. “

Stuck in the middle with you

The main features in Stickers™ are the Sticky Wilds and Sticky Spins. Wild symbols spin into view and transform themselves into a ‘Sticky Wild’, which gives you a ‘Sticky Spin’. These Sticky wilds appear on the reels during the course of the main portion of the game and can also appear throughout the Sticky Spins feature with the original Sticky Wild staying ‘stuck’ in position throughout.

The cool part here is if you land extra Sticky Wilds during this phase you continue getting Sticky Spins. This can make it quite frantic and very exciting, enabling you to land 400x your original bet by stacking all these in a despite the fact that this slot is low variance. Even the fact that these 2 features are all this slot has in terms of bonuses doesn’t detract from the experience, in fact it proves that you don’t need a million game features to make an exciting game, you just need the right ones.

Coming to a sticky end

All we can say at this point is ‘wow’. This game really hits the mark in terms of visuals and playability. Simplicity is the key here, it’s not over complicated or fussy in terms of gameplay or features and we’re sure that it will draw in a massive surge of new players for these two reasons alone. With the addition of Stickers ‘Touch’, the mobile version of this exciting slot, you can be sure that all bases are covered in terms of maximising the player experience. When we played the game on the office tablet it was smooth and responsive and retained all the excitement of the desktop version and to be honest it was hard to put it down in the end.

If you enjoy slot games and are looking for a fully immersive slot experience, look no further than Stickers™ because with its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay we’re sure it will remain a firm favourite among slot players for a long time to come.

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