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The Top 5 Online Gambling Trends for 2016!

Tom Lasten 7 January 2016 - 11:05:48

2015 was an extremely successful year all round for online gambling. We saw the launch of many new online casinos, some excellent exhibitions and seminars like SiGMA and ICE 2015, specific gambling channels and more programming geared towards online casinos and online betting.

With this new year firmly underway we decided to look at which areas of online gambling are set to take the centre stage this year. This was a difficult task as there are so many worthy topics to include it’s not always an obvious choice. Here’s our top 5 Online Gambling Predictions for 2016!

#5. A Further Explosion in Esports Betting

Esports literally exploded in 2015 and for online gambling this meant everyone was talking about the next big thing. Esports itself is well organized and funded, regulated heavily to ensure fairness and extremely exciting to watch and bet on. Many online gambling establishments now offer esports betting alongside traditional sports betting and this is set to see an increase in revenues of more than three fold this year.

#4. The Rise of Bitcoin Casinos

This super popular crypto currency is fast becoming the Bain of the modern reserve banking system. This is a good thing for consumers as they get a better deal all round than by using traditional forms of currency. Online casinos have noticed this too and we saw many of them adding new bitcoin depositing options to their sites in 2015. There are also already several ‘bitcoin only’ gambling sites out there, we expect to see this rise sharply, both on the more traditional internet and the dark web.

#3. Virtual Reality Casinos

We had a chance to test this new technology out fully at SiGMA 2015. It’s easy to see why its becoming so popular as you are fully immersed in a particular online casino and you can play all the games and interact fully with casino staff and other users. It brings a new level to online gambling in the same way as live dealer games did when they were first introduced, it’s more personal and, more importantly, a lot more fun if we’re honest.

#2. More Mobile Gambling

Mobile Gambling has become ridiculously popular. Not only can you play at online casino sites via your mobile and tablet devices these days, but they have dedicated apps for playing certain games as well. We would go so far as to say at least 95% of all online casinos these days are mobile compatible, and they have to be to keep up with this sort of demand. Popular games include online slots, mobile poker and online bingo, but players seem to be enjoying table games such as mobile roulette too.

#1. Fantasy Sports Betting

Our Number One prediction for 2016 is Fantasy Sports betting. Brands like Draft Kings have taken the betting world by storm with an exciting new form of gambling based on fantasy sports. Thought you were a badass before? Care to put your money where your mouth is now? The draw of this kind of betting is that you have complete control over your line-ups and thus have a bit more influence over the results. That and the fact you can win well over $1 million in prizes if you win the big leagues. There are lots of smaller opportunities for winning here via special hour long betting schedules in which a cumulative jackpot is won by the best selection performance within that hour. Try it out it’s insanely fun!

Do you agree with our predictions for 2016? It will be interesting to look back in 2017 to see how many we got right! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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