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Zynga launches its famous game Hit It Rich™ on Google Play!

Tom Lasten 30 June 2014 - 05:38:34

Zynga, the California game developer, recently launched its landmark application, Hit It Rich™ on Google Play. Since its introduction to the public, this exciting slot machine game, full of undeniable social virtues, has been available around the world, for Android mobile devices. Also, announced at the Apple Store, the launch of Hit It Rich™ is above all a strategic move for Zynga, who wishes to test the waters before officially transitioning into the iGaming market, which has been its most recent priority for the past two years.

Zynga tests the waters through its highly popular Hit It Rich™

Hit It Rich™, the slot machine game developed by Zynga originally intended for social networks, just made its entrance on Google Play. Hit It Rich™, which is already available in a free downloadable version through the Apple Store and the Internet, will allow lovers of the one-armed bandit to benefit from a fun and entertaining video experience and, of course, is based on social interaction. Nevertheless, representative of the desires of the California developer to enter the iGaming market at the beginning of next year, this game pays homage to the world of casinos with a light and easygoing ambiance.

“By combining the design and typical game-play of slot machines with popular free social games, we would like to bring a new vision of gaming to consumers.”

In more concrete terms, the Hit It Rich™ application will allow users to try a large number of slot machines and wildly popular games, such as Farmville 2™, The Wizard of Oz™, Tex™ and Sex and the City™. By offering an application that responds to the needs and wants of all types of players, Zynga hopes to gain a very large audience of smartphone and tablet users, all while continuing to focus on social interaction and the creation of connections. “By combining the typical design and game-play of slot machines with very popular free social games, we hope to bring a new vision to the consumer. They will benefit from a truly authentic experience that reflects this excitement; this sentiment that we as gamblers get when we gamble at casino tables around the world,” explained Mr. Joe Kaminkow, Head of the development cell at Zynga.

Hit It Rich™: more than a game of importance, a reference!

Thanks to Hit It Rich™ from Zynga, you can discover all the most popular games.

One of the most involved contributors to the Hit It Rich™ project continues to emphasize that the users will be able to enjoy the application using whichever device or system they choose: “whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or nothing at all, you can still enjoy Hit It Rich™ since this application is also available on the Internet.” This statement will serve to reassure gamblers who were afraid of missing out on one of the most exclusive offers of the year.

Recall that since the launch of this application in October 2013, Hit It Rich™ has helped its users earn more than 270 billion points each day! On average, every day, the rollers of this game are turned at least 400 million times, and the users mutually exchange more than 250,000 gifts via social networks on a daily basis. Available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, Zynga’s slot machine game is probably talked about continually.

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