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Zynga pushes back the release date of its games and loses players at the same time

Tom Lasten 21 August 2014 - 10:45:03

Things still aren’t going right over at Zynga. While the California iGaming company is seeing the number of its players take a nosedive, the publisher has announced that the initial release date of its new titles is going to be pushed back. This pronouncement is likely to offend users, who will once again have to patiently endure while witnessing the slow and steady decline of Zynga, which no longer is able to find the right track.

Zynga postpones the launch of its games to a later date

Zynga, the firm that makes its living on social gaming, last Saturday issued its financial report for the last quarter of the current fiscal year. Further to an incongruous announcement of a final report on the launching of its latest games, the company indeed revised its forecast downward. Zynga’s delay with regard to the initial timetable has had serious consequences: not only is Don Mattrick’s group suffering a steep drop in the number of its players, but Zynga may also have to counter with a review of its budget with a view to a new decrease in its revenue.

“In a recent news release, the company announced that the number of its active players had fallen by more than 10%.”

In a recent news release, the company announced that the number of its active players had fallen by more than 10%. Indeed, while in 2013 there were 187 million amusing themselves with the suite of the developer’s casino games – as well as with legendary titles like FarmVille 2, CityVille and CastleVille – only 130 million users were doing so this year. And the repercussions in terms of receipts are troubling for Zynga: from now until the end of the year, the San Francisco-based enterprise estimates that it will generate only $695 million, in contrast to the $725 million initially projected. This would even be below the estimates of the previous fiscal year, which frankly was less than brilliant for this former giant of social gaming. Finally, one will notice that the market shares of Zynga are also trending lower: following the announcement of the report of its games, the stock listing of Zynga suffered a decline of nine points on the Nasdaq.

Don Mattrick admits to a certain degree of disappointment

Expectations are high for the new version of Zynga Poker.

Among the delayed titles, one will note the highly anticipated Zynga Poker 2.0, a clearly improved version of the product already highlighted by the publisher. There is also the new license Words with Friends and several games that will be offered on mobile platforms produced by the subsidiary Natural Motion, which Zynga acquired last January. But it’s with a certain bitterness that Zynga has held back the initial launch of its new games, as its CEO Don Mattrick explained to us during a visit to Paris: “It is said that over the long term, it will be more feasible to shift our revenue from 2014 to 2015, for we have already fallen quite a bit farther behind than we wanted to”. And Mattrick added: “It is clear that to do that is very disappointing. But we believe that our decisions will end up paying off and will serve our shareholders and our customers equally well”.

If for Zynga 2014 will likely be a year without, 2015 should be a carrier of new hopes. It is notably in 2015 that Zynga will get to work on the conception of a new license which has been exclusively awarded to it by the NFL, the American football league. In effect, Zynga will soon develop NFL Showdown, a game that will be available on smartphones and which will be offered to several foreign markets, including France. According to our sources, Zynga will also conclude an agreement with the golfer Tiger Woods. So it is highly likely that an original, new game on golf will be hitting the shelves.

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