Online Casino Canada: 2021 – Your Trusted Guide to the Best Sites

online casino canada

The promise of accessing the best selection of online casino Canada platforms is very much a reality. The promise of playing multi-million jackpot games is very much a guarantee and the promise of improving you as a player begins with us, right here.

  Casino Country Bonus Terms Software Play
$500+ 150 Free Spins
4 $1200+ 260 Free Spins
5 $1500+ 150 Free Spins
6 $1000
7 $1500
8 $350

1. Introducing you to online casino Canada platforms and the services and features you can obtain

Welcome to your guide which takes a look at Online Casino Canada on a much grander scale. This is, however, more than just providing you with a casino which is based online We support players with insight and understanding to help them play better, improve their gaming choice, learn of the features and services of a casino. All this and more to help them see the bigger picture of what goes on inside a true Canadian platform.

This guide is certainly aimed at the year’s current best performers but with all that you learn here, you’ll be able to take the knowledge forward for many years to come, so should you wish to seek another alternative operator, you’ll have all the required skills in assessment to lead you on another successful path going forward.

1.1 Best Casinos 2021

Over 90,000 players pass through our website each year, heading towards the best selection of casinos online and games of award-winning caliber. We have been working in the industry from over a decade and have fashioned a team which has both experiences as professional gamblers and working for casinos based online.

We have calibrated our knowledge into this guide so that you can see through the eyes of professionals and better understand just what opportunities are available and the best methods of achieving success from within them.

We won’t shirk from telling the truth, we won’t claim there is a quick path to becoming rich. Gambling is about making the right choices at the right time and if all this can align with luck, then you’re looking about right.

Make no bones about it, there will be moments when you lose, but we’ll help to keep the financial loses to a minimum and when you win, you’ll have the ability, in time, to gain the maximum profitable outcome without having to spend any of your own funds.

1.2 Why Online Betting is Better

If you are new to the form of gambling online and are unsure of the benefits, then allow us to explain why taking your love of this hobby is more rewarding over the Internet, rather than venturing into any of the land-based sites open on in the concrete jungle.

Firstly, allow us to point out that we’re not blind to the fact that gambling can present problems for individuals which find it difficult to manage themselves and their expectations. We always advise any readers that if they wish to pursue this line of adventure then they must consider the possible repercussions and cost.

This leads us into our first point and case towards the benefits of engagement through the Internet rather than land-based casinos.

✅ Operators on the Internet platform support responsible gambling and have tools in place for a customer to set their wagering limits. Once activated by a member it cannot be undone, meaning that can set a limit for 2 weeks, 2 month and some 6 months.

✅ Convenience is very much an obvious point and now that mobile access is the number one way to play, you have the casino with you no matter where you are or go in this world.

✅ Once registered with any of the casinos at Casino Bonuses, you’ll be greeted with your very own exclusive welcome bonus. This allows for access to a host of free games across all sections of the operator’s site.

✅ The sizes of the jackpots! Yes, this is indisputable. You’ll have access to life-changing sums should you strike it lucky. The Internet gaming platforms supply Progressive Slot machines which are networked linked across the world, meaning the jackpots can reach as high as $15 million from just one game!

✅ For sports fans, odds have never been more plentiful as they are via the Internet. With the added benefit of in-play bets, customers have access to over 3000 different ways of betting, thanks to these unique live markets and streamed action.

✅ More streamed action takes place within the Live Casino arena where members can take on hosts on a real-time streamed game. This option presents tournament events and opens the door to player vs. player battles for pool-prized jackpots.

✅ VIP schemes recognize the loyalty shown by the customers and clients. Part of this presents tailored discounts on their favorite games. These are non-generic discounts, special reward treatment because the casino will know exactly what you love betting on and will give you the chances to win more at no cost.

So, as you see, from bonus allowances through to the specialist services provided by the online casino, it just highlights why the Internet option is reigning supreme over the now seen aging option of land-based establishments, which are soon to be obsolete buildings of nostalgia.

We’ll touch upon more benefits and cover these seven in greater detail as you go through this guide.

2. Top Canadian casinos

Our team casts a professional review of all sites which are found open to the Canadian market and whittles the results down to the current best online casinos to join. The considerations forming our judgment are the games you find within, free cash allowances, services, security and certified licensing to meet Canadian gambling laws.

2.1 Our Reviews

Let us look more closely at how we form our reviews and decide the top 10 platforms on the Canadian market. From this, you’ll have a better idea of how we regulate our decision making and understand the necessary qualities, so you are getting the most out of your preferred casino operator.

There are several key factors in the makeup of a website supplying this type of service. The main principle is quality and not quantity

  • 1. Does the operator have the correct license in place to service players based in Canada? We talk about in greater detail in section 7, but just to highlight, the license is the foundation to assuring the customer is betting within a registered platform which has been approved legally, meaning you’ll suffer no repercussions during your time within the casino or adverse effects on your winnings.
  • 2. Do they provide a secure platform to play from? Here we analyze and test their tools in place. We look to see if the software is in date and if it protects the client’s information and banking data. Also, does the software work across all playing devices accessible to users? If you wish to play via mobile, we make sure that the security is the same regardless of your device’s compatibility.
  • 3. Are you getting the right quality of games? Regardless if they supply 200 or 2000 games, we make sure that they are from the best software developers in the industry and more importantly, that they have a track record of actually paying out. With this check, we also look for platforms which cover all areas of betting from simple slots to games of poker at a live table, through to sports betting. The more choice in these categories, the more options you have to win.
  • 4. What are the banking features like? It is essential that needs are met and one of the most important is the ease of accessibility to deposit and withdraw money from the website. We look for standard payment services which are common for Internet use. With this, we look for alternative methods to broaden the options for users who may wish to use a different ways of handling their cash i.e. prepaid vouchers or cryptocurrencies.
  • 5. Promotional value. Here we look at the rewards on offer to both new members wishing to register and those which are already associated to the platform. We believe that the offerings should be fair and regulated so that there is a likelihood of winning and that users opting in to use the deals are getting value for their money should they need to deposit to reclaim any promo where required.
  • 6. Is there help on hand? Now, you can go months and years without actually needing assistance, but just in case something should come up where answers are needed, you need peace of mind that the right advice will be provided. We look at the times customer service teams are available, what skills they have and the ease of contact which is made available.

2.2 Top 10 Quality

To help better define what we mean by quality, we use the example of a casino bonus. You’ll see across the face of any operator’s homepage promotions selling their latest welcome package.

Often, they’ll be marked as “100% up to CA$ 500 + 100 FREE Spins!” For many new players, the allure of a mouth-watering discount or offer is enough to make their minds up for where they’ll register. But as you’ll see, competition is fierce on the market and what happens if you see “200% up to CA$ 600!” which is the better deal? One provides more clout in financial return, yet the other gives you the opportunity to make a profit from extra spins.

The quality is in the detail and this is what is not on show.

Both examples come at a cost to the customer. Welcome bonuses have terms and conditions which state to the user that in order to claim up to x-amount back, you need to wager x-amount over a number of times to be eligible to get your bonus.

So, the quality is regarding the loss or gain the customer makes and it is not just for bonuses offered. The same works for qualities within any game. Has the game ever paid out in the past year or since it came off the production reel? Is the security software in date? Many big brands have the ‘right’ tool but won’t update the version causing risk to the player’s privacy agreement.

3. What is the best online casino in Canada?

Get the best online casino Canada has through Casino Bonuses Top licensed Canadian online casinos completely regulated, allowing users to win real money in Canadian dollars. Sites which any player with a passion for betting should not miss out on. You can read reviews for each one and claim an instant free spins bonus or cash allowance for wagering on the biggest games within the industry.

3.1 Selection of the Month

As there are so many available options and so many new casinos coming and old ones departing, we would be foolish to suggest that there is one website that rules over all and that is the case closed. The reality is that the best online casinos often change, relative to their services, updating, customer satisfaction and many more factors.

Each month we provide a selection of 10 best casinos for Canada. Highlighting to our users that there is presently an operator which is performing above the rest. With this, you’ll be able to access the exclusive offers to join the leading Canadian websites and to see for yourself why it has achieved the number one spot.

The current 10 best Casinos of the Month for May 2019 are:

  • Gate 777
  • Leo Vegas
  • Bwin Casino
  • Yeti Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Playamo
  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Royal Vegas
  • Jonny Jackpot

3.2 Award-Winning Gameplay

Because the main target of joining a platform is to win and win big, games are the main focus. The best sites out there do and will have the best games for all players. The online casinos Canada now has brought with them award-winning entertainment and blockbuster titles which have changed the face of online casino games and how they are interacted with.

Here is a list of gaming options you’ll be able to play once registered with any of the best sites that you’ll only find through Casino Bonuses

✅ Blackjack

✅ Baccarat

✅ Video Poker

✅ Slots

✅ Sic Bo

✅ Scratch Cards

✅ Craps

✅ Poker

✅ Keno

✅ Bingo

✅ Pai Gow

✅ Roulette

The slots are provided by the top award-winning software companies which also carry their esteemed progressive jackpot slot variants into the top 10 sites. You can indulge the development of NetEnt, Microgaming, Elk Studios, Blueprint Gaming and dozens more.

Your time enjoying the classic selection of card and table games comes with the option of additional variants like Blackjack 21, American roulette and Texas Hold ‘em.

Every game variety comes with a chance to win either through a virtual machine or through the offer of live dealer tables. Head to the reviews of each website to learn what they have lined up for you.

3.3 How to Register

So, how do you open an account to get all these exciting opportunities to win huge fortunes? The steps are simple and will take you from our website through to the lobby of your chosen casino.

1. Select ‘Visit the Casino’ located with the review of your preferred casino.

2. Complete your registration form with the submission of your details which include your full name, date of birth, contact details and email and residential address. Also, choose your username and password.

3. Casinos run a KYC program (Know Your Customer) this is a screening of customers that apply to be sure they are legally allowed to join and are not know money launders.

4. Once approval has been granted (within 24hrs) activate your account via the email link.

5. Login to your account, add your bank details from the selection of different payment methods and begin betting.

It is essential to use the direct casino links that you find throughout our top 10 lists and reviews and they hold special coding to activate any bonus offers as you go through to the website to commence your registration.

4. What is the most trusted online casino?

As we review each website, our first major priority on checks is indeed the licensing aspect. This is the basis for all things attributed to the trust factor of any operation. Peace of mind with security, banking, privacy agreements and legal reliability.

Some players opt to go for big named brands, under the belief that if a casino is advertised on the television or is a sponsor to a sporting club, then all would and should be legitimate. For the majority of the case, this is perfectly fine, but that’s not 100% guaranteed. We have had to dispel major companies from our list because of bad practice towards customers and because of out of date security software, which puts users at high risk. Trust must be met through all areas of a platform and not just some.

Example of top 5 Canada operators and their trusted service.

  • Gate 777: A new site that has all the up-to-date software in place and a wide variety of payment options. Licensed by four regulators including Curacao eGaming Commission.
  • Leo Vegas: Global leading brand supported by four regulators with multi-banking services, secured with SSL software.
  • Casino.Com: Licensed by two regulators, supports a large number of banking services and holds 128-Bit Digital Encryption.
  • Bwin: Supported by SSL Digital Encryption and backed by three regulators. Years of experience building this into a global brand with many payment services.
  • Yeti Casino: Building a strong reputation in the industry, this casino is regulated with 3 global licenses and presents clients options to pay through the safest Internet banking services.

4.1 Secure Payment Methods

When it comes to your finances, casinos only ever use reputable companies to deal with the transaction of yours and their payments. There are many options to consider, even if you were to change how you bank online. There are prepaid voucher in existence which transfers zero data about your account. You have bitcoin, the most secure form of currency on the planet and there are 3rd party members like PayPal that can process the transactions instead of your main bank.

4.2 Safe Gaming

The software to secure your time in the casino is of utmost importance. The latest tool used by all the best online sites globally is the SSL 128-Bit Digital Encryption program which is a coded software system that creates both a firewall for the casino and the payment service. A host of online vendors use this software to safeguard their clients and even their own internal data.

4.3 Responsible Practice

As we have previously stated, licensing is very important when it comes to the running of an operation within the gambling industry. Those applying to service players via the internet have rules and protocols to adhere to. This works both for national and worldwide distribution of their business. Without the license, the casino is merely a registered company with absolutely no regulation certification.

5. Experience live casino games online in their most prestigious form from the best software developers

When it comes to casino games in their truest virtual form, then the platform of streamed live games is unbeatable. This is all about playing against and with real people with real money at stake. Very few sites offer the service of live slots, the primary service of this software is for those who wish to spend some time playing classic games.

This section of the casino is one which incorporates plenty of change and development. It breeds excitement on a level which the slot game cannot quite yet achieve. So what’s on offer within the live streaming service?

5.1 What is a Live Casino?

Short answer: The live casino is a streaming service which host real-time games hosted by dealers which are trained in customer service and to deal the game on the operator’s behalf.

All the top sites provide this outstanding feature, after all, if you want a taste of the real, then this is as good as real can get for the player online.

You may also have read within our other guides, about the development of Virtual Reality. Well, this will be the platform to incorporate it first. The popularity of this arena has seen it grow so fast because of its appeal and energy of excitement, that it’s only natural it develops into a world with avatar characters and the feel of virtual money in your digitalized hands.

As for now, here is a list of games you can look forward to experiencing, some of which won’t appear as a virtual machine alternative.

✅ Dream Catcher

✅ Double Ball Roulette

✅ Monopoly

✅ Sic Bo

✅ Craps

✅ VIP Blackjack

✅ Casino Hold ‘Em

5.2 Evolution Gaming

One of the leading developers supplying the market of live streaming entertainment is Evolution Gaming. A world leader and distributor in this field, no site is worth playing in unless they are part of the casino’s makeup.

The businesses sole focus is this streaming market, with no time or interest in creating slot games. Other developers have tried, such as Microgaming, but they fall very far behind in terms of demand, not to say they aren’t good, but there is a distinct level of class when a business puts all their efforts into one basket.

Betting with Evolution Gaming tables is already a win in many player’s eyes, so look out for them and see if you can outdo their professional hosts and hostesses.

5.3 Benefits of Playing Live

Every game has its own merited benefits, but as a collective within this arena, there are certain things you just won’t find anywhere else with the platform you join. And you certainly won’t get them from the casinos that don’t feature on our top listings.

✅ Access exclusive gaming titles which won’t appear as a virtual machine format.

✅ The platform is free from an influential algorithm, so your chances of winning aren’t premeditated.

✅ Experience Player vs. Player games.

✅ Tournament events with pool-prized jackpots.

✅ Specialized bonuses allowing for free spins and extra chips.

Note: The live format arena is accessible to mobile users, both Android and iOS. It can also be played through all other devices as standard.

6. A look at the vast array of online casino bonus codes which you’ll be able to claim once registered

Casinos are in a constant battle against one another in the current climate of the industry and the list of available promotions currently on the market is extremely vast in hopes of attracting more potential members. From free no deposit bonuses to hundreds of free spins, online casinos are looking to reward members no matter what it takes. Good!

6.1 Available Bonuses

Only with best online operators will you reap the rewards that are fully regulated to give users a fair chance of striking their fortunes for free. Here is a comprehensive list of bonus options you can claim and redeem from our recommended operators today and going forward.

Best Casino Bonuses 2019

  • Welcome Packages: i.e. 100% up to CA$1000 + 200 Free Spins.
  • Free Spins: i.e. 500 Free Spins on Slots and other Games.
  • No Deposit: No Payment Rewards, either Cash, Chips or Free Spins.
  • Match Deposit: A percentage-based cash incentive depending on the deposit you make.
  • Coupon Code: Specialist allowance for certain games and cash values.
  • VIP Club: Loyalty Rewards and Tailored Bonuses for your most played Games or Slots.
  • Referrals: Get a Friend to join and both receive cash to play for free.
  • Happy Hour: Offering weekly rewards on a specific day with hundreds of Free Spins.
  • High Roller: Special VIP packages for those with a larger financial bracket to spend.

Note: Always read the terms and conditions provided with every offer so you know how to use them correctly.

6.2 Claim Your Bonus

Turn your online gambling experience into a free venture by smartly picking out the most profitable of promotions. There are many options available through the many sites you can join today. So how do you get your no deposit bonus, free cash and welcome package?

1. Find the right bonus to suit the games you like playing.

2. Join the perfect casino offering this type of preferred bonus.

3. Once the account is activated, you can make your first deposit to claim the relevant reward or open your ‘offers’ found in your account manager to activate the free gift.

4. Open the game and commence your free wagering once you read to terms first.

6.3 Bonus Strategies

There are many options open to both new players signing up and to those already settled as a member of the platform. In fact, if you are looking for a new website to join, then the best practice to help your judgment is to look at the casino bonuses found on the promotion page beforehand. From this, you can find the best online casinos based on their quality of rewards and how keen they are to retain their clients and keep them happy.

Look for no wagering deposit bonuses, though rare, these are completely 100% no strings attached allowances. Complete with zero restrictions on what is required to be wagered and you can cash out any winnings made from it.

7. Is online casino legal in Canada?

Betting for real money pay outs is certainly a much-loved hobby for us Canadians. Though many are put off solely down to the fact the laws are totally clear. Well, allow us to put the facts into simple terms so you can play in your favorite casino with peace of mind.

7.1 Canada’s Current Gambling Laws

Las Vegas is a bit too far, but this is now totally irrelevant because you have all that you need right in front of you. No matter if it’s a tablet, laptop or mobile you are reading this on, you can access many platform options to get your Vegas fix.

A large part of the problem when it comes to Canada’s laws is that it is done on a providence by providence basis and for much of it, the acts, for the majority pertain to the form of gambling which is land-based, not online!

When it comes to companies providing this service, they cannot be based on the Canadian shores. As such all casino operators are, in fact, overseas. So how can an overseas business provide regulated services within Canada? Simple actually. The native reserve of Kahnawake is still a territory of Canada but is not fully governed by Canadian law, thusly the Kahnawake Gaming Commission acts as a regulator which can also white-label other licensing authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority. This, in turn, allows for an influx of casinos which are associated with the white-labeled companies to enter Canada online and be played by its people.

7.2 Licensing Authorities

A list of the white-label partners that work in conjunction with Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

✅ Curacao eGaming Authority

✅ Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

✅ Malta Gaming Authority

✅ Panama Gaming Control Board

To read more about each regulator, you can access their guide by selecting a particular company of interest.

8. Tips on how to select the best casino online in Canada which suits your style of play and needs

We have shown you a number of key ways to maximize your time enjoying the varied selection of gaming titles within a Canadian gambling platform. We have discussed how bonus free spins can lead to real payouts without the requirement of depositing. We have explained what services attribute to the formation of a website becoming the best online casino.

But here we review more closely the top tips in locating, selecting and playing in the best site that suits you, not us, but you.

Get the biggest number free spins offered, get the right mobile services to play on the go, get the highest pay out Canadian operator and get much more.

8.1 Get the Best Site

Bring the glitz and glam Las Vegas into your home or through your phone with these tips on getting the best possible website to suit you.

1. Pick an operator displaying the right licensing credentials as discussed in Section 7.

2. Aim for No Wagering Requirement Welcome Bonuses or No Deposit Welcome Bonuses.

3. Opt for a platform that presents you with multi-playing areas, including sports betting and streamed table games.

4. Look for SSL 128-Bit software for the latest up-to-date security program.

5. Get the best rewards through a site offering a VIP club or program.

6. Choose a platform that supports fast, secure and reputable payment methods.

7. Join a casino supporting multi-device access so you’re not restricted by how or where you play.

Always question if you can get more somewhere else. Take your time in exploring all these features and services.

8.2 How to Pick Your Platform

Once you have seen the bigger picture of how casinos operate and what is available and what all the small print means, your judgment becomes more astute to what’ good and what is bad. For many customers, the is no planning or method of approach when looking for a website to join, let alone how they take the games on. These are all important factors that demand your consideration if you are to be successful online.

The Welcome Bonus

Remember, bigger is not always the better deal. To be sure, read the details of the package, so you know that if you need to deposit, you can calculate the cost against the return to see if it is of value. Check you can cash out winnings or if you have to continue playing with the wins through other games. Importantly, does the bonus allow you to play the games you love?


By have all sections of a casino available with real-time dealers and sporting bets, you have more options with diverse quality and odds to increase your chances. With the trinity of arenas, you are also able to transfer wins from one area of the casino to another. This is a great loophole if your bonus restricts you from cashing out.


One of the first things you must check prior to joining a site. Knowing you are able to deposit funds to activate your account and play games and importantly, be able to withdraw winnings back out into your original bank account. Be sure you are happy with the withdrawal times and the minimum and maximum values pertaining to the deposit and withdrawals each casino has rules on.


The more free games to play the better, it lowers the risk and maximizes the potential for profit. Always check the promo page before committing and read about the set up of the casino’s VIP scheme. Not all VIP rewards are the same, some give you levels to climb to reflect your rewards, others are just happy to give you gifts for being loyal to their business.


As discussed in Section 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3, there are many factors which all link to the security of a website setting up within this industry. Again, highlighted in Section 7, you are fully within your rights to gamble online, so make no error and be sure that no matter where you chose to play or whose advice you take, be certain your time spent is fully within a protected environment.


Mobile is the #1 trending device for passionate gamblers but be sure that you’re not just constricted to one device. Should you be in a situation whereby a device needs replacing, fixing or it is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi, that you have backup options.

In terms of software for the game development, be sure you research with the aid of our free games page, which developers make their titles easier to win from as part of your strategy to take into the real money sites.

9. Casino Summary: Concluding our online Canadian casino guide with a summary of key points

We now take everything into account which has been discussed and break it down into easy manageable bite-sized pieces.

We conclude with the main key points which you should take within you, fresh in your head and to ready you for the thrills, excitement and fun that comes from Canada’s greatest betting platforms.

We commence with a look at the top FAQ’s picked up through our reader comments.

9.1 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the legal age to gamble? A: Relative to the province or territory you are in. The age can range from 18-years to 21-years of age. Further clarification can be made by contacting the casino’s direct customer support team prior to registration.
  • Q: Are all casinos overseas? A: Do to the countries laws, overseas casinos are the only option players in Canada have of betting via the Internet.
  • Q: Do I win Canadian dollars back? A: Your winnings are returned in the very same currency as you pay in. Even if the site is overseas, the currency doesn’t change.
  • Q: Can I use my Blackberry phone to play? A: As a Blackberry is a PC phone, you can access sites via our list to experience the gaming. You won’t necessarily need an app download and this also goes for Window phone users.
  • Q: Are overseas operators safe? The regulation process makes this a very safe platform to access your favorite games. Casino Bonuses provides sites which are fully compatible with the laws of Canada, the rest is down to the site to uphold their high-level security standards.

9.2 Key Points

5 simple points to remember as you head off to pick your #1 operator in Canada.

✅ Make your choice count by picking a place which supports your favorite games.

✅ Pick your bonuses wisely and be sure to review the terms of how to use them.

✅ Quality over Quantity, better standards create better chances of success.

✅ Check the Promotion Page before you join to be sure you’re happy with what offers the casino will provide down the line.

✅ You can explore the entire website of an operator before you join. Study all they have and make your decision through cross-comparison, which our reviews can help with.

Thank you for joining us at Casino Bonuses and from all of us on the team, the best of luck.


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